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  1. I think I've found out that it's the summer one I have on cassette tape from 17th June 2000.
  2. Was wondering if you've got the 2000 Gatecrasher set whatever day it was on.
  3. About a couple of years ago I made a post on here saying that I still had a few Judge Jules mixtapes from 2000. Since then I've moved and my Mum and Uncle cleaned flat out and threw loads of tapes away including around 6 Judge Jules ones. I'll put down the only 3 that still survive to see if this forum has them in their audio archive. 1. I did tape three studio shows from March 2000. One however was backed up onto a MD (minidisc) which has survived. The recording had to get reduced from the 90 minute tape to fit into 80 minutes so quite a bit is missing. Unfortunately I don't
  4. Hi there everybody. I was a huge Judge Jules fan in 2000/2001. At age 10 my parents allowed me to stay up to listen to Judge Jules every Friday night. I still have a few Friday night 9pm - 11pm shows from around February, March and April on cassette tapes. A lot either got damaged or recorded over in 2002 when my Judge Jules faze went including a recording I made of Judge Jules live at Gatecrasher in Belfast on NYE 31st January 2000 which I sadly don't have any more. One I still have kept though from sometime around March 2000 is when he ended the 9.30pm 15 minute minimix bit with a remix