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  1. Was wondering if you've got the 2000 Gatecrasher set whatever day it was on.
  2. About a couple of years ago I made a post on here saying that I still had a few Judge Jules mixtapes from 2000. Since then I've moved and my Mum and Uncle cleaned flat out and threw loads of tapes away including around 6 Judge Jules ones. I'll put down the only 3 that still survive to see if this forum has them in their audio archive. 1. I did tape three studio shows from March 2000. One however was backed up onto a MD (minidisc) which has survived. The recording had to get reduced from the 90 minute tape to fit into 80 minutes so quite a bit is missing. Unfortunately I don't have anything to play MDs on now. 2. The first 45 minutes of a live set from Easter 2000 with Judge Jules and Dave Pearce Dance Party at Southsea. Due to a lot of ware the sound quality is not very good. First 15 minutes of the tape is the end of Essential Selection with Pete Tong. 3. Judge Jules live at Gatecrasher in 2000 with no known date. The first bit is not there. Most of the recording exists though.
  3. Hi there everybody. I was a huge Judge Jules fan in 2000/2001. At age 10 my parents allowed me to stay up to listen to Judge Jules every Friday night. I still have a few Friday night 9pm - 11pm shows from around February, March and April on cassette tapes. A lot either got damaged or recorded over in 2002 when my Judge Jules faze went including a recording I made of Judge Jules live at Gatecrasher in Belfast on NYE 31st January 2000 which I sadly don't have any more. One I still have kept though from sometime around March 2000 is when he ended the 9.30pm 15 minute minimix bit with a remix of York - The Awakening. Can't remember the exact date this was though. As they were 90 minutes long I could never get the last half hour on. Would like to see if the tapes still play after all this time with finding this forum.