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  1. I would love to be able to listen to that Millennium Essential Selection for NYE in 2022 if possible? :)
  2. I would pay money for this essential selection if it’s possible?
  3. If you haven’t found it... This is the exact version of Eric B and Rakim track he played as his opening 1st round track at the Comic Relief Dj battle back in 2003, i recorded it on Tape Casette, Great version this
  4. Hello there, anyone know any good torrent sites for downloading old radio shows from Jules and Tong? 2000-2003 era? Thx
  5. Thanks Fella, happy to be apart of all this, great stuff, cheers to everyone for this great bit of Nostalgia, brought back some fantastic memories
  6. jesus! I’m a serious Tong Enthusiast, for me 2000-03 were my fave years but i do love it all Past, Present, Future... I remember this Ibiza edition from 2001! Can you actually listen to this??