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    Mixing, collecting tapes, Hi Fi, Motorbikes. HTMLcoding, PHP, Web servers, Painting & Decorating but its my job:)

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  1. JEREMY HEALY MIXMAG #59 MAGAZINE APRIL 1996 The Jeremy Healy one is here for sale, Mixmag was not really my thing would rather buy wank mags
  2. an introspective of house 3rd dimension these mixers have a a ton of the same tracks on them am bored of these, so am glad I have the Jude Jules and John kelly tapes to listen to
  3. Cheers for naming this track just been listening to this on tape totally love this tune might buy it to mix with saves me time trying to find out what this tune is.
  4. Hand's Burn - Good Shot (Fontaine & Vern Mix) I think you would do well to notice the different between both mixers they sound pretty much the same. I would of said it was this one Hand's Burn - Good Shot (Fontaine & Vern Mix) he play about 3mins of it.
  5. NEW cover added just a tad better might have some new Judge Jule Mixers to add soon Sorry about watermark but took it from my forum were all my images are watermarked
  6. I have a transmission mix on tape the Al Machenize & Tony de Vit they say that is from September as well, so this is probably as well, these were recorded at miss moneypennys for anyone who did not know.
  7. 05. five could be this as well they are the same tune no different. it took me a while to track it down as I knew the name but could not spell it correctly I knew tall paul had played it on a commercial CD that how I tracked it down. I tried speaking the name into google and brought up Gorillas lol
  8. I don't know how you do it burien with these tracky's I think your missed one track out I will listen later and double check might be another tape thank you so much.
  9. you can get from forum
  10. Am having issues with recording the tape it keeps going tight, the seller who sold me the tape is sending me a replacement in the post when it arrives I will get it converted over to mp3, sorry about that Burien.