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    Mixing, collecting tapes, Hi Fi, Motorbikes. HTMLcoding, PHP, Web servers, Painting & Decorating but its my job:)
  1. I thought it was ok but I went for the free plan then I moved over to record box 5 as I have a serial number, 6 is still very buggy it does not synchronise tracks correctly and even if you are beatmatching by ear and do it with the speed pitch control it still does not work correctly. I'm going to hang back using it for a while until they fix all the bugs in it.
  2. Judge Jules & Jeremy Healy@ Sex Mixtape (1256) Am sure most people have already got a copy of this but if not here you go
  3. John Kelly & Judge Jules - Sex 1244 1997 I re uploaded because my recording of the Judge Jules tape is a little bit better than the other one I heard
  4. I have re uploaded and updated the recording hope you enjoy:)
  5. just got back from work tried ripping it again with windows media player and its working so will upload soon I reckon my pc had been on for to long and needed a reboot.
  6. The Judge Jules CD won't rip it just keeps crashing unless I rip it the same way I do my tapes hmmm might try it, that same way from my cd player
  7. Judge Jules - EUPHORIA 1995 Another one I ripped from my own personal collection typical of his stuff from this era
  8. Judge Jules@ Bangkok Early 1996 I have other mixers of his but am pretty sure they have been shared as one of my hobbies is collecting tapes
  9. Judge Jules 1998 Silver cover Not sure if this has been shared on here before ????
  10. the only tune I have that was spun by judge Jules is this I personal think the other side is better very hard to mix out of. I have others so not really the truth. I only bought this because judge Jules had spun this in one of sets Burien posted a message on discogs its a nice tune but so fucking hard to mix out .
  11. Paul oakenfold played this on my bonded beats tape a smokin tune
  12. another choon I found on juno downloads loving this
  13. I thought I would start a thread were you can share your most loved tunes this tune will set your pants on fire I might be old but still like banging tunes this tune is only digital download its mostly the other way round.
  14. I bought one of these today as it's my birthday, I have owned tractor s2 Mark II in the past and liked them. I thought this time I would buy one of these as I don't like using tractor pro for mixing as its very easy to use as a standalone software and is very boring on its own to use and you can't get very creative with the software on its own. I wanted something small so it sits in front of my computer screen on my computer table and will plug into my desktop. This not the first time I have digitally mixed and have a collection of about 600 mp3 most from juno downloads.