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  1. 21 hours ago, Spin Doctor said:

    Great work all on the tracklist.


    The only piece of information I have to add here is that the recording I have lists it as September.

    I have a transmission mix on tape the Al Machenize & Tony de Vit  they say that is from September as well, so this is probably as well, these were recorded at miss moneypennys for anyone who did not know.



  2. 05. 


    five could be this as well they are the same tune no different.


    it took me a while to track it down as I knew the name but could not spell it correctly I knew tall paul had played it on a commercial  CD that how I tracked it down.


    I tried speaking the name into google  and brought up Gorillas lol


  3. On 3/21/2021 at 6:10 PM, Gregsta said:



    I own this one from the Regression House Collection am not sure if this has been shared on here ? It's not ripped yet but can be :D

    I can't be 100% sure if this has ever been shared before but I can't remember ever seeing it. 


    just had a quick listen to this tape this morning and Judge Jules is on fire with this mix :wub: 


    and I personally think its better mix and the tape above the yellow cover.

  4. Judge Jules - Euphoria 1995

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    01. D'jaimin - 'Give You' (Strike's Tribute To Balearia Mix) [Cooltempo]
    02. Natural Born Groovers - 'Forerunner' [XL]
    03. Stix 'N' Stoned - 'Outrageous' [Positiva]
    04. Donna Giles - 'And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going' (Pride Mix) [Ore Music]
    05. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
    06. Direckt - 'Two Fatt Guitars' (Jules And Skins Techno Remix) [U.F.G.]
    07. Ramp - 'Stomp' (Play Boys Fully Loaded Dub) [Loaded]
    08. Praxis Featuring Kathy Brown - 'Turn Me Out' (The Delorme's UK Club Mix) [Stress]
    09. Ruffneck Featuring Yavahn - 'Everybody Be Somebody' [Positiva]
    10. MK - 'Get It Right' (R. Flack Ooh Mix) [Masahiro]
    11. Cameo - 'Money' (Reese Revamp Mix) [Reprise]
    12. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - 'Access' [Ffrreedom]
    13. Harmonix - Landslide' (Original Mix) [Deconstruction]
    14. The Pianoman - 'Blurred' (Pianoman Move To The Groove Dub) [Ffrreedom]
    15. Everything But The Girl - 'Missing' (Chris & James Full On Club Mix) [Blanco Y Negro]


    *big respect to sbradyman for most of track list*


  5. 1994 - Judge Jules, Synchronised Miracles Mix

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    00:00 ? gettin down to the funk
    02:00 Chanelle - Work That Body (Dub)
    03:10 D-M Diem - Clap Your Hands
    06:00 Hashim + Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) + Deeper Love acc
    10:50 Tinman - 18 Strings
    13:20 Cybermaster - Bellissimo (Fighissimo Mix)
    14:40 DJ Duke - Turn It Up (Say Yeah) (Demo Blaster)
    18:00 ? scat
    19:20 Real Touch Concept - Chunks Of Funk
    23:00 Zero The Hero - Direct To You [Ugly Bug]
    26:10 ? inst
    30:30 Helicopter - On Ya Way + System VIII - Underground (Accapella)
    35:30 T-Empo - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Judge Jules And Michael Skins Pumped Up Club Mix)
    39:30 Judy Cheeks - Reach (Brothers in Rhythm Mix)
    45:20 Killa Green Budds - Keep Slippin' (Digit's Blunted Mix)
    48:20 ? inst with horns
    50:00 ? "everybody jump up" ragga male
    51:10 JX - Son Of A Gun
    56:00 Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime