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    00:00 ? gettin down to the funk 02:00 Chanelle - Work That Body (Dub) 03:10 D-M Diem - Clap Your Hands 06:00 Hashim + Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) + Deeper Love acc 10:50 Tinman - 18 Strings 13:20 Cybermaster - Bellissimo (Fighissimo Mix) 14:40 DJ Duke - Turn It Up (Say Yeah) (Demo Blaster) 18:00 ? scat 19:20 Real Touch Concept - Chunks Of Funk 23:00 Zero The Hero - Direct To You [Ugly Bug] 26:10 ? inst 30:30 Helicopter - On Ya Way + System VIII - Underground (Accapella) 35:30 T-Empo - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Judge Jules And Michael Skins Pumped Up Club Mix) 39:30 Judy Cheeks - Reach (Brothers in Rhythm Mix) 45:20 Killa Green Budds - Keep Slippin' (Digit's Blunted Mix) 48:20 ? inst with horns 50:00 ? "everybody jump up" ragga male 51:10 JX - Son Of A Gun 56:00 Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime
  2. This tune is the s the absolute nuts one for them cheeky late nights
  3. I do really like that tune outrageous
  4. Give me a sec and I will upload to my VPS
  5. the cd came from this tape pack what is very rare to have the cd as well.
  6. Here's proof the other ones i shared are mine but the other 2 mixers i sold on. the top one i have not shared maybe I will rip it this evening.
  7. it come from my computer I ripped it. I did notice your post
  8. 0 downloads

    01. Heller & Farley Project - 'Tweakin (Jus Cant Stop)' (From The Dat Vol.2) [JBO] 02. Gisele Jackson - 'Me, Myself & I' [Waako] 03. Da Mob feat Jocelyn Brown - 'Fun' (Mongofun Dub) [INCredible] 04. NC Tribe - 'Ya-Ho-He' (Rhythm Masters Club Dub) [ZYX Music] 05. Anthony Moriah - 'The Reality' (Full Intention Mix) [EastWest] 06. Killa Green Budds - 'Keep Slippin'' (Digit's Blunted Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] 07. Fabulous Baker Boys - 'Oh Boy' [Multiply] 08. Cevin Fisher's Big Freak - 'The Freaks Come Out' [Subversive] 09. 8th Wonder feat DJ Marco V. & Benjamin - 'Deeper' [Tremolo] 10. Lady Bug - 'Givin It Up' [Afro Wax] 11. Hip Hoperation feat Kenny C - 'Hip Hoperation' [Sharp] 12. Jack Russell - 'Live Together' [Basic Beat] 13. unknown - 'unknown' [white label]
  9. You could try a free subscription but I'm not sure this would support DVS and your probably have to buy everything pioneer, The one Thing I do like about record box is the quality of the recordings it make's. I have most of my life mixed with a vinyl But using record box and the Pioneer controller I don't see me ever going back. I have used Traktor Pro on its own to mix and with a controller the s2. But I have to say I prefer recore box over Tractor pro and I prefer the dj400 over the s2.
  10. Thanks for the track list this is a great mix unfortunately I don't still have this on tape as I sold it. I did not know it was back to front that can be fixed by cutting it and copy and pasting the right way round.
  11. have you got a sample might be able to help am a Tony De vit mega fan
  12. A real belter of a tune
  13. it does get very fogey who you have seen I had to get out old magazines i found on line am pretty sure I've seen tall paul tony de vit in 96 100% I know I seen danny rampling on a mix mag tour as i found a magazine cutting online. I know I have seen gatecrasher on tour maybe scott bond was their who knows. Lisa loud or lisa pin up but which one am not sure. tom wainwright or allister whitehead but i can't be 100% sure which one. It's so fogey.
  14. People still want to use record box even with expensive gear, it is know to be full of bugs I could use traktor pro but it finding the Wright mapping that works with my controller, as you have to upload a flie to make the mapping work but the one I uploaded does not make all the functions work correctly on my controller. I will have to have a look on the Pioneer website. I can manual mix but record box 6 is buggy so i downloded 5 what works a lot better
  15. I thought it was ok but I went for the free plan then I moved over to record box 5 as I have a serial number, 6 is still very buggy it does not synchronise tracks correctly and even if you are beatmatching by ear and do it with the speed pitch control it still does not work correctly. I'm going to hang back using it for a while until they fix all the bugs in it.
  16. Judge Jules & Jeremy Healy@ Sex Mixtape (1256) Am sure most people have already got a copy of this but if not here you go
  17. John Kelly & Judge Jules - Sex 1244 1997 I re uploaded because my recording of the Judge Jules tape is a little bit better than the other one I heard
  18. I have re uploaded and updated the recording hope you enjoy:)
  19. just got back from work tried ripping it again with windows media player and its working so will upload soon I reckon my pc had been on for to long and needed a reboot.
  20. Judge Jules - Up For It- 60 Minute Mix CD
  21. The Judge Jules CD won't rip it just keeps crashing unless I rip it the same way I do my tapes hmmm might try it, that same way from my cd player