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  1. Ian_k

    What Will You Be Doing New Years Eve?

    not sure about NYE boxing day, gareth emery & jon o bir @ warehouse project
  2. Ian_k

    Your favourite Jules production

    caned & unable also love keep me running
  3. Ian_k

    clean your laptop

    theres steps you can take to speed up a mac if your a mac user. download and use cleanmymac http://macpaw.com/ or use onyx - great program for clearing things or delete your caches in both your home library folder and also macintosh HD root. so home folder/library and delete the caches folder and mactosh HD/library and delete the caches folder reboot and it will re-create and speed things up a lot. onyx will do both of them automated though and its free!
  4. Ian_k

    Running my first gig

    depends on the sort of night your looking at runnning but jordan suckley always plays a good set ali wilson, jon o'bir,, sophie sugar pretty much any dj thats uk based will be heck of a lot cheaper to book
  5. Ian_k

    The 'yes men' syndrome.

    the point im making is decent tunes are out there, even if there slower tunes they are out there, yeah maybe less of them, but it doesnt seem to be a major issue for djs like emery, armin, o'callaghan or any other dj worth there salt finding them and making a good set out of them.....even if they arnt at 137 bpm which was the norm a few years back
  6. Ian_k

    The 'yes men' syndrome.

    i disagree, there are good tunes out there and good faster tunes, yeh maybe there is less of them but they are there. how can armin and alike can find uplifting decent trancers i.e john o'callaghan stuff, daniel kandi, orjan nilsen tunes etc......
  7. Ian_k

    The 'yes men' syndrome.

    i guess he has a lot of input in them, seeing as he's at most gigs and partly produces the radio show......make up your own mind.....
  8. Ian_k

    Looking for a new DJ solution

    yeahhh traktor is probably your best bet, but it doesnt come cheap. alot of people use traktor scratch pro with this controller - kontrol X1 http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/dj/traktor-kontrol-x1/?page=1222
  9. Ian_k

    Words etched on vinyl

    its usually a note or something of the mind from the person who cut the record, sometimes you'll find there name on it, sometimes like a message or riddle
  10. Ian_k

    Thinking of getting an iPhone 4...

    i sold my iphone 4 mainly cos i was bored of it (having owned previous iphones) and it was the worst mistake i made!! i currently own a HTC desire HD and its shockingly bad, terrible battery life, crap interface and i dont like it. I cant afford to buy another iphone 4 outright and my contracts not up til; december, so im looking at getting a blackberry. All i say is do it if your getting a good offer. one thing to point out though, you mention you've put aussie sim cards etc inside it, beware that the iphone 4 doesnt take a regular full size sim card - it uses a Micro Sim Variety which is smaller than a normal full size sim, see pic
  11. Ian_k

    judgement sundays 2011

    his sets can be hit or miss i think is the thing....... the 3rd deck setup i know is only used for jingles and accapellas over tracks... i guess there used when the dancefloor is struggling in a bid to gear the crowd up a bit...but surely thats an issue to do with the music played and the order its played? do they work in a full dance club environment i.e gatecrasher, godskitchen, arches etc? - no and he will get slated for it as its a commercial thing to do. does it work in a commercial environment i.e luminar type clubs? - yes, but don't confuse the 2 types of clubs and clubbers im guessing the idea for the jingles is jules or amandas, becuase iv never heard tristan do them in a set of his which i've heard on a different note, maybe he's considering a b plan for the gigs drying up or his heart isnt in it anymore?, as taken from another board - Jules becomes a solicitor: http://www.matthardwick.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38098 http://www.comparelegaljobs.com/ItIsLegal/Could-Judge-Jules-be-your-next-trainee.aspx?dm_i=KGM%2CF0P9%2C2YPUYO%2C17GFZ%2C1
  12. Ian_k

    judgement sundays 2011

    shes not that bad, but shes not that great either from what i've heard on tracks......
  13. Ian_k

    judgement sundays 2011

    pretty much the same old crap......one or 2 decent nights there
  14. Ian_k

    judgement sundays 2011

    there hanging fire with releasing the lineups for some reason they was supposed to be announced wed but are still yet to come out...... its more than likely gonna be the same old.....a mix of tristan d / vicky devine, jules, probably jordan suckley this year as a regular....
  15. Ian_k

    serato scratch or traktor scratch ?

    well the new version of traktor scratch looks shit hot. some nice new features, but then again so does serato http://serato.com/news/7421/itch-20-preview http://serato.com/news/7421/itch-20-preview personally id say traktor, because the possibilities and effects are endless......and there both similar priced, just traktor can do much more