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  1. This, per chance?
  2. Superb, thank you so much for the upload. Jules doesn't sound to convinced by those Orange 'WAP' phones, does he? Ha ha!
  3. Did this surface anywhere? Even a tracklist? Must admit, did fear the worst when I saw he was playing another gig earlier in the evening, I never find he's at his peak in the later gig when that happens.
  4. Maybe my op was misconstrued a little, I didn't mean the end of this site, I meant the end of audio being unearthed, though I am more than happy to be proven quite wrong in that regard. Awesome to hear that there are still more bits and bobs to come. You just never, ever tire of it. If it's a new mix uploaded, with nothing but familiar names you've heard a hundred times, you still can't wait to download and listen. A greater endorsement after all these years, I couldn't give.
  5. ..... of 'new' old Jules sets? A gloomy thought that dawned on me the other day when this site popped into my head as I was talking to an friend about old tunes etc. That's bound to be pretty much it, isn't it, as regards people uploading old tapes etc that they've got lying about from the 'golden era'. Surely any undiscovered tapes will not have stood the test of time if someone were to chance upon them now. I assume R1 have them all archived on Dats or something and as such will never be released unless necessary. Hopefully some will surface at a car boot sale or something, but I assume we've reached the pinnacle. In this day and age of throwaway, unending releases and music, I think it's safe to say we'll never see an era like it. How lucky we are to have been through it then, (some of us!) and still have it preserved here for whenever we want to remember. Still amazing that there are id's being chased and identified some 15+ years later. Speaks volumes about how good it was then.
  6. Oh well.
  7. Jesus! Sublime, this. That Od1 track, another Jules* classic I'd long forgotten about. *In that it just screams Jules in his unique way.
  8. Seems to be universal acclaim online for Jules' set, many saying it was the set of the night. Good on him!
  9. Jacey B, could you elaborate on this more? Have you a scan of the page maybe... I'm intrigued I dunno specifically which edition Jason is talking about, but I'm quite sure he's talking about the pdf versions of every Muzik magazine, which I also stumbled upon recently. I debated with myself whether to post them up here, as Jules features in the golden era (positively and negatively) very heavily, but was unsure of the the legalities really. * Anyway, they can be found here, lost hours going through these. *looking at the link, this seems to be official, so should be nothing dodgy about posting them.
  10. Jules recently tweeted alluding to something coming with Hi-Gate. Bit out of the blue that one. Not sure how I feel about it, Jules' recent productions have been ok, haven't heard anything from Masterson so can't really comment. Just hope it in't a cash in job, after the recent flux of producers going back to the 99 style (Ferry, MIKE, Steve Thrillseekers). Maybe it's just a dreaded remix of an old tune, but it doesn't sound that way. More hopeful it may see some of those unreleased tracks, pre fallout, now get brought out. Judge Jules ‏@RealJudgeJules Oct 1 Something quite special is coming very soon.... #judgement #hi-gate #2016 #music #house #trance #progressive #TranceFamily
  11. Learned on these bad boys. If you can mix on these, you can mix on anything.
  12. Welcome aboard! He's a lawyer during the week, and dj's at weekends now. I suspect his employers are understanding of his situation, though, and it's not a strict 9-5, Mon to Friday set up. He also mentioned that his field in law is specifically related to the dance/music industry, so he's still keeping close ties set up with the people he dealt with before, I'd imagine.
  13. Top man for the tracklist, a few in there I never knew! Thanks. Much easier (for me anyway) to listen on Zippy, will give a blast later. In all honesty, it's a year earlier than I started listening to house and trance so will be a bit of a leap into the unknown, but am intrigued, non-the less.
  14. Wonder where he got the hankering to hear some of those again? :thumbsup:
  15. Second that, I find mixcloud a pain in the arse, though I always blamed my poor connection. Also, any chance of a tracklist, mate? There's a few on there I'm dying to know.