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  1. Sorry, I know I'm banging this drum wildly, but it absolutely does my head in that jules feels the need to mime these. We never expected unreal mixing, in fact, that's why we loved him. Play from the heart, (just not those black eyed peas remixes)
  2. Ironically, his shoutouts are about the most live thing about these mixes sadly, and even they look like when the dj used to give the mc a nod to say 'your go'. Infuriating really.
  3. I was actually cringing for him. He keeps hitting the play button every cuepoint and waiting to hear the mix, rather than actually starting the mix. Also speaks over live, over the mix without touching the mixer. I just dont get why.
  4. 100%. Hes hitting the buttons on the outgoing tune as if its finished as offshore comes in, despite it still being in the mix
  5. Nah, at best 'pre recorded'. Deffo. Shame, dunno why he feels the need to? Watching tonight's. Deadmau5 I remember kicks into the mix from nowhere, with jules nowhere near the volume. Seems to keep hitting cue, then start a lot, like hes waiting for mix to kick, rather than actually instigating it.
  6. Was watching some last night again,, I dunno. Theres no overhead shots, so you can't say for sure, but the volume changes deffo dont seem to match the sound. Tunes seem to cut out with no hands on. I dunno, it's hard to tell, deffo seems suss to me. Perfect mixing, which, with respect, was never his forte, especially given the cueing on the fly.
  7. Hmmm. Maybe I owe an apology. I watched this on my tv (with a couple of beers onboard) and maybe it was way off sync, it looked so unrealistic. It doesn't look like that on this video upon cursory glance.
  8. Right, bbe just kicked in with no volume adjust at all, for sure here now, I was doubting myself, but no way now. So disappointed, turning off
  9. No cueing, perfect mixing, tunes fading out with no hands... Ffs jules
  10. Erm, anyone watching tonight's? Seen bits of the other ones, but am able to put tonight's on tv. I'm pretty sure he's miming......
  11. Hold on, same jon doe who remixed the Lost Witness 7 colours, and has a few other tunes on here?? Were are honoured! All these years later, theres something humbling knowing that even the artists themselves still chase these tunes!
  12. I don't have a problem with it, Dave Pearce used to do this week in week out and still made a career. Yes it's sad, and we know he us much, much better than that. He really should have taken more care, he doesn't DJ enough to mix on the fly without cueing anymore, but the thought and tune selection were enough to tell me he still has a place for the tunes we all love which made me happy. Despite being someone who does not like it personally and wouldn't like to see it, maybe jules should look at serato or something for these type of gigs anyway
  13. The man followed Matt Darey with The Prophet. Straight into Words from Pvd. Have to say, the tune selection is superb in this. Ropey mixing at times is definitely forgiven. Around 2:25. Enjoy.
  14. milkybarkid

    New Shows?

    Here's one I think, did a search and couldn't find it on here. Sounds to me like a live club set from 2000, lots of scratching etc. Just stumbled upon it today in fact. Will do a tracklist later, Jules own music heavy, tunewise.