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  1. I think you've hit the nail on the head there.... Its such a shame because i know he's a good dj and he's inspired me in so many ways with music. Ive noticed myself for quite some time that his music taste was changing direction and now it seems I'm out of touch with it all, it just doesn't float my boat anymore. So sad!
  2. Never would've thought i'd say this but is anybody finding jules's music boring on the his mixes and the global warm up? Just doesn't seem trancey anymore or is just me?...
  3. Wow! just a few then! it would be good if they went up on the site, might take a while tho!!
  4. Thanks Chrissie.... If you could upload a few i know a lot of people will probably be very grateful! I'm after 2007-2009 ideally. Its a shame i always thought they'd be up for grabs on his site.
  5. Thanks mate, Im gutted i didn't download and keep them myself!
  6. Hey guys, Whilst the new website on probably did need updating it has also stopped all his old mixes that were up for grabs. Anyone know any other way of getting some of these old classics? or are they long gone now?.....
  7. Anybody got the tracklistings for decembers mix?
  8. Hey guys, Its been a while since i posted on here... Check out this months tunes when you get the chance. Tracklistings to follow Cheers
  9. Not yet mate, no.10 sounds like orjan nilsen production to me. time will tell....
  10. 3. lana del rey - young & beautiful (myon & shane 54 summer of love remix)
  11. 5. Ben Gold Feat. The Glass Child - Fall With Me 6. Harry Square - All The Way
  12. Does anyone have a copy of Sandro Silva ft Quintino vs Bassjackers - Epic Mush Mush (Markob27 Mashup)?
  13. 04. Samual James - Sunhump (Paul George Vocal Edit)
  14. im liking this to. I tried to shazam it but it was a no go. Also theres no tracklistings on the radio 1 website which is a shame.