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  1. I wasn't having a go at you about debt problems. I just feel people borrowing and living beyond their means was a far bigger factor/cause of the current situation than anything you previously mentioned.
  2. Always easy to attack minorities in difficult times and to blame them for all the ills. If I remember correctly you said before you had debt problems in the past. The easy availability of credit is what has cause this mess. It was always going to happen no matter what party was in power.
  3. Pension crisis is still to come.
  4. Tories doing what they do best?
  5. kml

    Charlie Sheen

    He has clearly lost the plot.
  6. The adverts they show during "normal" working hours are awful. They have to be designed to motivate the unemployed to leave the house and go looking for a job. They go along the lines of are you on benefits and wish you could afford a new car etc well look no further and ignore the small print :pirate: (Not having a go at the unemployed) These companies pray on the most vulnerable in society and should be banned from tv.
  7. kml

    Mrs O R

    Might just need to airbrush her ass
  8. It is impossible to step into a sealed room.
  9. kml

    Mrs O R

    I am having discussions with her about doing a semi nude calendar for all her fans.
  10. I turn the sound down or the tv over as soon as it comes on. I wouldn't use their website because the adverts annoy me so much.
  11. I don't watch a lot of tv but agree with Jason's point on the same adverts been run over and over again at every break. This is why I am already sick of the yell advert. I tend to turn the sound down now on adverts as most channels run them at the same time. Car insurance adverts are the most annoying.
  12. I am sick of the advert already. Record shops and buying music off the high street seem very outdated now.
  13. Sunset Sky - "Built To Burn" (Pied Piper)
  14. Krystal - Burning Flame(Original Mix) :thumbsup:
  15. kml

    Pre - 1986

    Still imagine certain shops would sell to young children and the whole paedo thing is probably as common as lollipop men.
  16. God... Did you hear me?

    1. Simcut


      LOVE that song, still can't decide what Phase Mix I like the most.

  17. Seek urgent medical help as I'd clearly have lost the plot
  18. This is awful! Reminds me of a really bad fairground DJ :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
  19. kml

    Mrs O R

    Maybe it is a case of self love. I'm off to become facebook friends :whistling: