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  1. i thought the whole point of the later show was so he could dump all the house stuff at the start of the show and go from there. also expected a 45 minute mix at the end. the building up and then taking back down is lame. I rarely listen now because of it
  2. What does everyone think of the format of Jules' Radio 1 show? To be honest I find it pretty lame for a number of reasons. Number one being the DJ on the phone rubbish. Another the lack of any long mix. Also I think even tune selection lets him down. In my opinion Eddie Halliwell's show is miles better.
  3. certainly one of jules' best essential mixes imo if you start listening after flickman
  4. kml

    problems downloading

    yeah i'm using safari on my mac
  5. kml

    problems downloading

    i've clicked on at least 10 in order from newest both essential mixes and radio shown. when i click download it comes up not found
  6. keep getting a new window opening saying file not found?