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  1. Chrissie Brown

    Board update

    I think this is a good idea and l for one will definitely make a donation
  2. Chrissie Brown

    Memory lane...

    Chewbs.....l agree with you 100% :thumbsup:
  3. Chrissie Brown

    Jules R1 12/06/09

    Hi Paul, l think l have this one as mp3, will check it out and get back to you. Yes Paul, l've found it. Unfortunately it is only in 192 bit rate quality. How can l send it to you? The size is 171MB
  4. Chrissie Brown

    Obscure white label called 'Sunrise'

    F.A.O Neuro As it was played on one of Jules's Sat shows then it should be listed on a Tracklisting in the Archives. I have tried searching for it in the Archives via the "search feature" on this site but unfortunately l don't think l am going about it in the right way so perhaps you could have a go. However l expect you have already done this :redface: :thumbsup:
  5. Fantastic, so pleased to have this mix and also thrilled that my track suggestion is amongst the greats! Happy Days :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .
  6. Chrissie Brown

    Neuro & Thirddrive - June Mix

    Really enjoyed this mix, my favourite tune in the mix: (11) Gai Barone - 'Mr Slade' (Solarstone's Pure Mix) [Afterglow Records] :thumbsup:
  7. Chrissie Brown

    Jules's old mixes?..

    If there are any you're missing, let me know... I got them all from 2002-2013 (missing august - december in 2013 though). I have on purpose not uploaded them to the audio archive because they were available on, but now it shouldn't be a problem I've got the missing ones (Aug - Dec 2013) :thumbsup:
  8. Chrissie Brown

    Jules's old mixes?..

    I'll try to do this in the next few weeks, really busy atm, perhaps you could remind me in case l forget :thumbsup:
  9. Chrissie Brown

    Jules's old mixes?..

    I've got quite a few of his monthly mixes in MP3 format from around 2003 onwards.
  10. Chrissie Brown

    Judge Jules July 2015 Mix

    Judge Jules July 2015 Mix 01. TBA - Oh amazing bass 02. Capa - From here 03. KSMMR - Jammu 04. Judge Jules - Turn on the lights 05. Born Dirty & Shift K3y - Misbehave 06. Michael Woods - Chin up 07. Roman Messer feat. Eric Lumiere - Closer (Denis Kenzo Remix) 08. Disclosure - Bang It (JJ Bootleg) 09. Hazem Beltagui & Sarah Lynn - Water runs dry (Melo mix) 10. Max Graham - Redemption (Solid Stone remix) 11. Morgan Page, Lissie - Open Heart (Markus Schulz Remix) Ferry Corsten - Reborn 12. Beat Service Vs. Nadia Ali - Rapture Del Mar (Sandro Vanniel & TEKNO Mashup) 13. Tristan D – Rhapsody
  11. Chrissie Brown

    Jules - Charity Board Mix (and you choose the tracks!)

    The link appears to have worked as it has taken my donation. :thumbsup: I confirm that l have chosen Highgate - Caned and Unable
  12. Chrissie Brown

    Clubbed 2002

    I love Solar Factor - "No Return", l've also got it on 12''. Ralphie B - "Massive" is another favourite of mine :thumbsup: Unfortunately l don't have this CD,
  13. Chrissie Brown

    Jules - Charity Board Mix (and you choose the tracks!)

    Digger - Church of Ra............... TUNE :thumbsup:
  14. Chrissie Brown

    Judge Jules - Trance Anthems

    Funnily enough l have just bought "MOS" Trance Anthems, a 3 CD album, releasedi n 2013 which is very similar to Jules's 3 CD Album. I love Loveshy (Electrique Boutique Vocal Mix) which isn't on the MOS album so will probably buy Jules's album. It's cheap enough :thumbsup: