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  1. I think this is a good idea and l for one will definitely make a donation
  2. Chewbs.....l agree with you 100% :thumbsup:
  3. Hi Paul, l think l have this one as mp3, will check it out and get back to you. Yes Paul, l've found it. Unfortunately it is only in 192 bit rate quality. How can l send it to you? The size is 171MB
  4. F.A.O Neuro As it was played on one of Jules's Sat shows then it should be listed on a Tracklisting in the Archives. I have tried searching for it in the Archives via the "search feature" on this site but unfortunately l don't think l am going about it in the right way so perhaps you could have a go. However l expect you have already done this :redface: :thumbsup:
  5. Fantastic, so pleased to have this mix and also thrilled that my track suggestion is amongst the greats! Happy Days :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .
  6. Really enjoyed this mix, my favourite tune in the mix: (11) Gai Barone - 'Mr Slade' (Solarstone's Pure Mix) [Afterglow Records] :thumbsup:
  7. If there are any you're missing, let me know... I got them all from 2002-2013 (missing august - december in 2013 though). I have on purpose not uploaded them to the audio archive because they were available on, but now it shouldn't be a problem I've got the missing ones (Aug - Dec 2013) :thumbsup:
  8. I'll try to do this in the next few weeks, really busy atm, perhaps you could remind me in case l forget :thumbsup:
  9. I've got quite a few of his monthly mixes in MP3 format from around 2003 onwards.
  10. Judge Jules July 2015 Mix 01. TBA - Oh amazing bass 02. Capa - From here 03. KSMMR - Jammu 04. Judge Jules - Turn on the lights 05. Born Dirty & Shift K3y - Misbehave 06. Michael Woods - Chin up 07. Roman Messer feat. Eric Lumiere - Closer (Denis Kenzo Remix) 08. Disclosure - Bang It (JJ Bootleg) 09. Hazem Beltagui & Sarah Lynn - Water runs dry (Melo mix) 10. Max Graham - Redemption (Solid Stone remix) 11. Morgan Page, Lissie - Open Heart (Markus Schulz Remix) Ferry Corsten - Reborn 12. Beat Service Vs. Nadia Ali - Rapture Del Mar (Sandro Vanniel & TEKNO Mashup) 13. Tristan D – Rhapsody
  11. The link appears to have worked as it has taken my donation. :thumbsup: I confirm that l have chosen Highgate - Caned and Unable
  12. I love Solar Factor - "No Return", l've also got it on 12''. Ralphie B - "Massive" is another favourite of mine :thumbsup: Unfortunately l don't have this CD,
  13. Digger - Church of Ra............... TUNE :thumbsup:
  14. Funnily enough l have just bought "MOS" Trance Anthems, a 3 CD album, releasedi n 2013 which is very similar to Jules's 3 CD Album. I love Loveshy (Electrique Boutique Vocal Mix) which isn't on the MOS album so will probably buy Jules's album. It's cheap enough :thumbsup: