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  1. Sounds good Jason. I suspect you have a much larder collection than mine. I could probably obtain more of the tracks digitally than I have but I don't want to spend too much money on music I already have in another format. Most of my vinyls are still in fairly good condition. The goal at the end of this process will be to sell most of my vinyls.
  2. Also this mix contains some tracks purchased as MP3 from Juno Download - not all are vinyl rips - some of the tracks I don't have on vinyl, others I do but decided to buy again digitally for quality and also because ripping vinyl is so time consuming.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Jason I have the concord nightclub S stylus - I've always used them for mixing and I haven't bought anything especially for recording the vinyls. I do a little bit of mastering on the tracks once recorded though as some of the records are lacking that bit of top end clarity - so a bit of light EQ and then I normalise them so levels are roughly the same for all tracks.
  4. Hey guys, Been a while since I posted anything but I thought I'd share this latest mix with you all - not been doing so many in recent years but I've been slowly digitising my vinyl and I've put together a mix of some of my favourite tunes from 1998 through 2007 ish I think! I had planned a few tracks to include but mostly it was a bit of an on the spot set - 2 hour session and I think it came out pretty well. Hope you enjoy. 01. Commander Tom - ‘Eye Bee M’ (Timo Maas Remix) [Tripoli Trax] 02. Mauro Picotto - ‘Pulsar’ (No Acid Mix) [ZYX Music] 03. Yves Deruyter - ‘Back To Earth’ (Rave Mix) [bonzai UK] 04. The Act - ’Something About You’ [spot On] 05. Oliver Lieb - ‘Subraumstimulation’ [Data] 06. Mekka - ‘Diamondback’ (Angeles Remix) [Perfecto] 07. Dark Monks - ‘Insane’ (Steve Murano Remix) [incentive] 08. The Clergy - ‘Saints & Sinners’ [M—>Bargo] 09. Gizeh - ‘The Rain’ [Liquid] 10. 4 Strings - ‘Let It Rain’ [Liquid] 11. Jonas Steur - ‘Castamara’ [intuition] 12. Modulation - ‘Spirits’ (Beat Pusher Remix) [Tsunami] 13. Marco V vs. Jens - ‘Loops & Tings’ (Marco V Mix) [iD&T] 14. Ricky Effe - ‘Rectifier’ [bXR UK] 15. York - ‘Reachers Of Civilization’ (Rank 1 Remix) [Manifesto] 16. System F - ‘Cry’ (Rank 1 Remix) [Tsunami] 17. Pulp Victim - ‘The World ’99 (Moonman Remix) [Neo] 18. Swenson & Gielen - ‘The Beauty Of Silence’ [iD&T] 19. Tiesto - ‘Lethal Industry’ (Richard Durand Mix) [Magik Muzik] 20. Silvio Ecomo - ‘In-No Dip (Abel Ramos Remix) [Reset] 21. Marcel Woods - ‘Advanced’ [High Contrast] 22. Signalrunners - ‘Aria Epica’ (Bart Claesson Remix) [Anjunabeats]
  5. Really enjoyed listening to this guys - great work on pulling it together - thanks to all involved. It's been a while since I checked out the board but thanks to Aza for drawing my attention to this mix and also to his superb B side mix - great work sir! It was great to hear the Hi-Gate remix of Starfighter in this mix - a tune I rather glossed over at the time and never had! I have the original on vinyl but never got the remix - have to say I think I prefer the remix now. Also great to see the original instrumental Solex from Michael Woods - a mighty tune indeed - big memories from 2003 for me
  6. Hey - sorry it's taken so long to reply. I'm near High Wycombe - what about you?
  7. That's pretty much the same case for me. So I just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks Jason, I thought you would be a good person to ask on this one
  8. Hi guys, I'm looking to have a clear out and sell at least some of my records. I know there is always discogs, but with postage rates so high and the inconvenience of selling lots of individual records and going the post office all the time, it doesn't appeal too much - might not really be worth it. Anyone know any other good options? Thought I'd put it out there. Thanks
  9. I've sussed the version of Ariel - 'A9' - It should be: Ariel - 'B9' (Floorplay's Mobile Bitch Mix) [Essential]
  10. Yeah the youtube clip linked to the discogs page is definitely that tune. Quite a cool track actually.
  11. Great to see this addition to the archives. This was the first of the fortnightly live Friday shows of 2000 and I was listening live but did not record it. After realising what a great show it was I decided to record every one of the live shows from then on. I've always been after a copy of this one to finish off the collection! It's a shame the whole thing isn't there but maybe the rest of the audio will be submitted some time - Most of my tapes were 90 minutes and I always started them 30 mins into the show so that I'd get the last 90 minutes - my theory was the best tunes wouldn't be played in the first 30 minutes - but actually I liked pretty much every track in Jules' sets from this era!
  12. Yeah it's this version Jules played. Think he knocks the needle flying in the middle of the breakdown at the live set from the Arches in Glasgow, 2000. Always remember cos he places the needle back at the start of the breakdown again. Such a good tune this.
  13. That Julian Liberator - Funky Town track was out a little later that Da Hool - Eichelruck. Eichelruck was being spun around June/July of 2000. Julain Liberator was towards the end of 2000 and possibly featured on some early 2001 sets. His sets from God's Kitchen in the Autumn of 2000 and Sanky's Soap around the same time featured some quite techy sections if I remember rightly. Could be one of those sets that features the tune you're after - or one of the University tour sets of January 2001
  14. Also I have a couple of Tracklisting queries. 06. Ariel - 'A9' [Essential] 07. Hi-Gate - 'Gonna Work It Out' [incentive] 08. DJ Sandy vs Housetrap - 'Overdrive' [Positiva] firstly - which version of Ariel - A9 is played? It's not the original. secondly - the is a track between Hi-Gate - 'Gonna Work It Out' and DJ Sandy vs Housetrap - 'Overdrive' but I don't know what it is. Sounds familiar though and I'm sure someone here can ID it.
  15. Hey Fuzzy, Man it's been a while since I checked the board - sorry for that. It appears that some time ago I did record the missing section according to this thread!! I'm so sorry I obviously never did anything with it. I will search through my hard drives and see if I come across it, but I fear it may be gone along with the tape by now! One odd thing about this set - it seems like the atmospheric mics (the ones in the crowd) are left open the whole time, makes the whole set sound a bit strange. Still a great set from a great era none the less
  16. Yeah its an interesting question Quadders... it seems the labels have all the power regarding the tracks, not the artists but my understanding is fairly limited.
  17. Not listened to any R1 in ages. No idea what Tong is like these days. I think I've just given up on the station now and will have to continue to reminisce on the good old days with the barrage of audio available here, with slippers on and cup of tea in hand!! Jules' peak era of 99-2000 for me will literally never get boring - I have listened to sets over and over from that time and still mix many tunes at home that I bought from that era - good memories!!
  18. I know the tune you mean - had this set on tape and listened to it many times - unfortunately I never managed to ID that track. Hope you work it out
  19. Great ID. I've always wondered what that track was. Loved it when Jules would play something different like this from time to time. It fits really well in the set in my opinion, the mix into Stormanimal works well.
  20. Hi Guys, Sorry it's been so long since I posted a mix but I dont have my decks with me most of the time now so have to make the most of it when I can! Anyway, better late than never, here is my December mix for 2012 which covers the last few months really as far as release dates go. Enjoy! 01. Omnia - 'Infina' 02. Mike Koglin vs 7 Skies - 'Vision' 03. 4 Strings - 'Breathe Life In' 04. Heatbeat - 'Chow Mein' (Tangle & Mateusz Remix) 05. W&W - 'Lift Off' 06. Ana Criado & Beat Service - 'Whispers' 07. Chris Cortez - 'Future Shock' 08. Jochen Miller - 'Zodiak' 09. Ali Wilson - 'Rays of Shamash' 10. Richard Durand & Pedro Del Mar - 'Paint The Sky' (Alex O'Rion Bigger Room Remix) 11. Aly & Fila vs Bjorn Akesson - 'Sand Theme' 12. RAM - 'Grotesque' (Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Ram Mix) 13. Solarstone vs Scott Bond - '3rd Earth' (Heatbeat Remix) 14. Giuseppe Ottaviani - 'Lost For Words' (On Air Mix) 15. Steve Brian - 'Vueltas (Dan Stone Remix) 16. Scott Project - 'C1' 17. Bryan Kearney - 'High Anxiety' 18. Mark Sherry - 'My Love' (Outburst Vocal Mix) 19. 2nd Phase - 'Lesson Learned' (Garry Heaney Remix) 20. Chris Metcalfe - 'Power Trip' (Bryan Kearney Remix) 21. Girotundo - 'Ultimate Frontiers' 22. Gate 1 - 'The Flight' (Alive Mix)
  21. Thanks dude! Hope you are doing well! It's been a long time. Will defo get this on the iPod for the car
  22. I love this tune. I have it on vinyl so could try and do a rip for you MBK.. Craig - thanks for doing this remix - great to see a less obvious choice of tune to remix from this era. You've done a great job sir!