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  1. A shameless plug for a little test I've put together for my own remake:
  2. 25. Marc La Cruz 'n Ace Da Brain - '!The Hive!' (Hornet Attack Mix) [Chaos Records]
  3. Not heard Andy Condie's remake (the video appears to be missing) but the SA31 remake just doesn't do it for me sadly. It's close but it misses a few details and nuances that really make the original track for me.
  4. Sounds a bit like some of the stuff Mac Zimms was producing under his various aliases at the time.
  5. None whatsoever sadly. The whole sample sounds very familiar to me but I just can't place it.
  6. Not this one is it? https://www.discogs.com/Unknown-Artist-Sunrise/release/200731?ev=item-vc
  7. I'd also like to thank Burien for this. The unknown id's section was one of several reasons I initially signed up to the site almost 9 years ago. The site seems quieter these days than it did when I joined (I myself rarely find the time to post these days) but thanks to members like Burien doing stuff like this, guys like Jason B with seemingly encyclopaedic musical knowledge and the likes of Neuro and Fuzzy maintaining and upgrading the site I can't seem to keep away.
  8. 99 is Yoji Biomehanika - Seduction (Chris C & Dynamic Intervention Remix)
  9. After a bit of googling... Cetroit - Mind Yourself (Tukan Remix) [Big Star Records]
  10. Nobody manage to ID this? It sounds very reminiscent of some of F&W's stuff from around this time to me.
  11. Just thinking out aloud but Darren Tate vs Jon Grant - Let The Light Shine In was around this time. Could it be this? As drtim mentioned a lot of tracks got renamed before release. I remember spending hours searching record shops for B Jammin' - Science only to find that it was released under the name Genetic Junk.
  12. Couple more possibilities: G&M Project - Feeling The Sunrise DJ Ittybitty Vs. DJ Stabak‎– Sunrise