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  1. I'd also like to thank Burien for this. The unknown id's section was one of several reasons I initially signed up to the site almost 9 years ago. The site seems quieter these days than it did when I joined (I myself rarely find the time to post these days) but thanks to members like Burien doing stuff like this, guys like Jason B with seemingly encyclopaedic musical knowledge and the likes of Neuro and Fuzzy maintaining and upgrading the site I can't seem to keep away.
  2. 99 is Yoji Biomehanika - Seduction (Chris C & Dynamic Intervention Remix)
  3. After a bit of googling... Cetroit - Mind Yourself (Tukan Remix) [Big Star Records]
  4. Nobody manage to ID this? It sounds very reminiscent of some of F&W's stuff from around this time to me.
  5. Just thinking out aloud but Darren Tate vs Jon Grant - Let The Light Shine In was around this time. Could it be this? As drtim mentioned a lot of tracks got renamed before release. I remember spending hours searching record shops for B Jammin' - Science only to find that it was released under the name Genetic Junk.
  6. Couple more possibilities: G&M Project - Feeling The Sunrise DJ Ittybitty Vs. DJ Stabak‎– Sunrise
  7. The track played is F1 - U Sucker! http://www.discogs.com/F1-U-Sucker/release/127056
  8. 07. B Jammin' - 'Genetic Junk' [Relative] 23. Fingers Burnt Presents 4 Fingers - 'Act Your Age Not Your Shoe Size' [Fingers Burnt]
  9. Absolutely sublime. That's my Christmas car CD sorted
  10. Just picked up The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way, Starparty - I'm In Love, and Josh Wink & Lil Lois - How's Your Evening So Far in a charity shop on 12" for the sum total of £1. Feeling pretty chuffed I could have also had Serious Danger - Deeper for an extra 50p but I wasn't sure if it had the mix that Jules caned (just Googled it and it did).
  11. After listening again it sounds like track 3 is sampling Oliver Klein - Rheinkraft (Original and Who Da Funk remixes). Have had a look on Discogs but turned up nothing.
  12. 01. Lost Tribe - 'Gamemaster 2003' (Michael Woods Remix) [Liquid] 02. ID 03. ID 04. ID 05. Nick Lunn & YOMC Pres. Techno-Punk - 'Saturday' [Nukleuz] 06. Azure - 'Sunset' [white label] 07. Sa.vee.oh - 'Loop Hole' (Original Mix) [iD&T] 08. The Mad Gay Mafia - That Porno Tune (I'm Going To A Gay Bar To f*** The DJ Who Makes Me Feel Like A Rock Star Mix) [Ef.adrine] 09. ID 10. ID 11. ID 12. Dallas Superstars - 'Helium' [AATW] 13. Mauro Damagio - 'I'm Damaged' [white label] 14. Tiesto - 'Traffic' (DJ Montana 12" Edit) [Nebula] 15. The Lost Brothers Feat. G Tom Mac - 'Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now)' [incentive] 16. Ricky Fobis - 'No Regular' [iD&T] 17. Ferry Corsten - 'Rock Your Body Rock' [Tsunami] 18. Electro Headz - 'No Sleep' [Nukleuz] 19. Dirt Devils - 'Music Is Life' [NuLife] 20. Yves Deruyter & Marcel Woods Pres. Frequence - 'Frequence' [Frequence] 21. Airscape - 'Sosei' (Johan Gielen Remix) [iD&T] 22. Warrior - 'X' [incentive]
  13. 15. Unknown - 'The World Of Godd' (ANGEL2) [white label] 16. U-Turn - 'Dead End' [iD&T] 21. Delignum - 'Hideaway' (DOOTY01) [white label] *edit* It would appear that Mark Sherry was behind the 'Hideaway' bootleg. It was made available as a free download a while back but the only links that still work are to Uploading.com which repeatedly tells me that I have reached my daily download limit (with the sum total of 0 downloads I blatantly haven't). Has anyone else managed to grab this? Never mind, sorted it.
  14. 22. Scott Mac Pres De-Progression & AJ Gibson - 'Twilight' (Jelle Faber Remix) [ATCR] Some good tunes in here (bar the Hypertraxx one which I never really liked). Just a real shame the shouts were played over what is in my opinion one of the most sublime breakdowns in the history of trance.