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  1. That was resolved quickly, congrats,
  2. I am sorry to hear your dad passed away recently Chrissie.
  3. brother I agree, for me personally Jules from 1998-2001 wash his best, in particular 1999 the best ever...
  4. Here a link for the complete tracklist: http://www.1001tracklists.com/tracklist/30282_judge-jules-global-warmup-483-2013-06-07.html
  5. Markus Schulz Tiesto (1999-2002 period) Nifra Tucandeo Pete Tong and Copyright (only recently)
  6. lennox2s2s


    Living the dream, welcome brother
  7. They sure dont make music like they used to....
  8. I just cant believe jules still gets regular gigs at MOS playing alot of shite tunes
  9. Does anyone know if "Judge Jules - Takes All Night" was ever released? This has eluded me for years...I have basicially searched everywhere with no success...
  10. Or you receive an email stating that you have won the lotto some where in the Middle East like Afghanistan, then they just need you to forward your account details to enable them to credit your account!
  11. The last thing we need is these spammers....top work men...early detection and elimination... :thumbsup:
  12. Its a shame really the direction certain DJs have followed. No doubt money is a massive influencing factor. Remember when Gareth Emery used to produce solid remixes and productions, now he is pure shite to be honest....i think the success of the SHM has alot to do with the current scene. Listening to Tiesto today, you could never imagine he was responsible for classics such as Lethal Industry and Surbain Train...,
  13. Looks good brother, cheers...
  14. A bit of topic, I hear rumours surfacing on the internet that Tiesto is going to release a new trance orientated album in the near future. To be honest I cannot stand the current electro style that he and many other popular DJ's are playing....gives me a headache...
  15. Out of interest, has this wedding occurred already? If so I would be interested to know the final tracklist selected for the 30 minute mix!
  16. Black Rock - Blue Water Reflect - Need to Feel Loved Freemasons - Love on my Mind
  17. Some great tunes in there. That Dark Alliance track was insane, I remember seeing Eddie Hawillel smash it at Godskitchen once
  18. I think I will download this mix and have a proper listen while in the gym later this evening. Be interested to hear the new Jules productions. I heard John O Callaghan play a new mix of Lizard last night. Not sure on the exact remix but sounded good.
  19. I used to enjoy B Straits when she in for Annie. Tong is still worth a listen on a Friday night.
  20. Ah yes I remember hearing those lyrics, Radio 1 obviously got the tracklist wrong!! No surprise that Radio 1 get tracklist wrong!
  21. I'm sorry to say I had to turn off after half an hour. Many on here will say this was to be expected ... but imo it was truly awful. :wall: Does anybody know, is this what he plays at Judgement Fridays? I have to agree brother, I turned it off after 15 minutes, just not my music taste either.