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  1. i remember this show, is class hearing this again
  2. Name: Martin Duckworth Age: 26 Occupation: Sales Director Qualifications: Various Gcse's, Nvq in leisure and Tourism, I'll be honest i used to f*** about at school! lol Hobbies/Interests: DJing, Football, My kids, Mates Favourite sports: Football MUSIC RELATED Favourite type of dance music: Trance, Tech Trance, as well as f***y house, in regards to Funky house u cant beat the old funky house style tracks Jules used to play on his Saturday shows! Favourite non-dance music: Will listen to anything within reason, but my love is Trance. Which DJ(s) got you into DJ'ing/clubbing: Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Scott Bond, Paul Van Dyke and Paul Oakenfold. More recent favourite DJs: Eddie Halliwell, Barry Connell, John O'Callaghan and my mate Jordan Suckley. Which DJ(s) do you dislike with a passion: Tim Westwood. Favourite label: Nukleuz Green and Bonzai back in the day were just untouchable! in recent times it would be Discover. Most hated label: Anything to do with Westwood or what he plays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT YOU I have been DJing now for over 8 years, got into Jules in 1998, i used to listen to all Jules radio shows Friday and Saturday nites, and used to go clubbing at Bakers and Godskitchen when i was 16 to see Jules etc, i love going up and down the country when i can clubbing to Goodgreef and Crasher when i can. I am a caring, give it my all type of guy that tends to hide my feeling deep down, but would do anything to help people. WERE YOU SEPERATED AT BIRTH FROM A CELEBRITY? (ie, do you look like anyone famous) I have been told i look like Toby McGuire (The Guy Who Plays Spiderman) when i dont wear my glasses. NAME ONE THING YOU'RE GOOD AT My job, Footballl and Djing. TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW Coventry City wanted me to sign professional forms but my Dad wouldnt let me, due to the fact i wouldnt be able to play Football for anyone else, plus with my Mates of the School.
  3. 01. Chicane - 'Salt**ter' [Xtravaganza] 02. Prima - 'Not Everything' [Heat] 03. Plastic Angel - 'Schatten '99' [Wash] 04. Lost 'N' Alive - 'Everything I Play' (The Funky Nipples EP) [Milk & Sugar Recordings] 05. Tuff Twins - 'Dirty Disco' [Tuff Twins Recordings] 06. ATB - '9pm (Till I Come)' (Signum Mix) [Data] 07. Vengaboys - 'Superfly Slick...' (Olav Basoski Mix) [Positiva] 08. Loop Da Loop - 'Miracle Maker' [Manifesto] 09. The Space Brothers - 'Legacy (Show Me Love)' (Club Mix) [Manifesto] 10.Novy vs. Eniac - Pumpin (Additive) 11. Mauro Picotto - 'Lizard' 12. DJ Jurgen - 'Better Off Alone' [Violent Recordings] 13. Blank & Jones - 'Cream' (Paul van Dyk Mix) [Gang Go] 14. AnjuMan - 'Speak No English' (Johan S DeTox Club Mix) [s-Records] 15. Les Amis - 'Vallée De Larmes' [Taaach! Recordings] 16. Friends of Matthew - 'Out There' (Lange Mix) [Perfect World] 30 minute mix 17. Delerium - 'Silence' (Sanctuary Mix) [Nettwerk] 18. Grooveline - 'Get Down & Dance Disco' 19. Veracocha - 'Carte Blanche' [Deal Records] 20. Formologic - 'My X-Perience' (Moonman Mix) [Flammable] 21. Taucher - 'Bizarre' (Extended Club Mix) [scuba Records] 22. Digital Control - 'Dreams Last For Long' (Vincent De Moor vs. Pulp Victim Remix) [good:as] 23. Fridge - 'Paradise' (Gray Mix) [Go For It]
  4. Welcome Missy, Where u from
  5. Great we have that t****r kyle back then
  6. Alot of class tunes in this to be honest, a few tunes in here i had a quick listen when released that didnt really do it for me until i heard them in this mix. I do really think Thrillseekers new tune is the best they have done for a while.
  7. Ducky

    Your DJ Setup

    My Set up: 2 x CDJ 1000 Mk3 2 x Technics 1210's 1 x Allen & Heath Xone 32 Mixer Sennheiser HD25 SP Headphones 2 x Alesis M1 Active Speakers
  8. It is a great mix, Only thing i would say is maybe to many tunes in there and he does have the habit of banging the crossfader over abit to much when mixing at times, rather than smooth lengthy mixing. He is a good Dj, but ability wise not up there as the best. On the other hand as a Producer/Remixer you are hard pushed to find anyone who is as prolific.
  9. Here you go:
  10. I can see alot of Banging going on in the Sex room!
  11. I really am liking the name! lol Only critism's i would say is that it is a bit long and in some parts has a bit too much going on. But thats my opinion, overall though its a good bit of work again Mr Ross.
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    Thanks to all that have joined and to all the kind messages people have left, it means alot. We also are setting one up on myspace and bebo and currently working on a website :thumbsup:
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    Brigg5y's Bog Bashers! lol