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  1. I actually get the feels when I hear this track, I’d so love to find it. I’d die a happy woman!
  2. Thanks Fuzzy. That is actually pretty awesome, I like it a lot. Well done to the maker/s. Right thats me up to date again for now. :)
  3. When certain tunes get played out of the blue. And the euphoric recall kicks in. Butterflies in your stomach, hair standing on end. When that happens it’s not always an old favourite, sometimes it’s tunes I weren’t into at all. Do you all get that? I literally just played Toca Me (which I did like back) whilst watching The Chase and was transported in a second 30 years back! it is the full range of emotions, happiness and fondness tinged with sadness and longing. Weak knees Like love and heartbreak silmultaneously. It’s great innit (but torture) what tune does it to you?
  4. Ok I just had a long read through this thread and I’m wondering what we are at now? Andy Condie has remade it, but I can’t find a remake to play on the thread? maybe the links gone. #nevergiveup
  5. Bloody loved the Turnmills, brilliant place!! Miss those nights now.
  6. Well I’m knocking on the door that says 50 and I’m always happy when I remember I danced through the 70s/80s/90s/00s and I’d still be dancing if I weren’t so disabled these days... having said that I do still dance occasionally but it’s a long time since I went all-night long!! As much as getting older sucks, if I weren’t old I wouldn’t have enjoyed the 90s the same way as I did! I’m cool with that xx
  7. I agree I’m after Turnmills 2003 sets. hey mastication man didn’t I bump into you there once? On the box in front of the booth? It’s just popped into my head. tiesto, armin, Jules and tall Paul my brain ain’t what it used to be sadly
  8. Been some time since I spoke to anybody here in open chat. Y’all ok? Still floating by from time to time. Still the greatest internet archive obvs xx
  9. So I was just playing pulser - cloudwalking again and I swear it’s the same producer as the unknown - unknown I just feel it in my bones.
  10. I was here Spin Doctor! I knew I’d met you! Don’t you remember?
  11. I’m pretty sure it’s Pulser I just wanted to get that out there where someone else would see it. That is all xx THAT one xx
  12. Suddenly it dawned on me. But I'd forgotten my jja password well... what a rigmarole. Anyway I believe this is Pulser. I don't mean in a random guessy way. I mean I suddenly heard something and lightbulb went off in my brain. So far, that's all that's happened, then I came here xx
  13. Suddenly it dawned on me. But I'd forgotten my jja password well... what a rigmarole. Anyway I believe this is Pulser.
  14. God Damn! I only came here to see what it was and it's still unknown - unknown...