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  1. Thanks to MrG, the show is now complete! Full 2 hours of energetic Jules on the 1's and twos from the Golden age!! (excuse the pun!) ;-)
  2. FuzzY-LogiC


    01. Artist - 'Title' (Remixer) [Record Label]
  3. No worries! The set you're mentioning is Jules' set at Homelands the same year: 2000-05-27 - Judge Jules, Homelands, Winchester Grab it here: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?/topic/4745-2000-05-27-judge-jules-homelands-winchester/ The recording sounds a bit weird around the 'Sandstorm' juggle as it sounds like one of the turntables only comes properly out of the right and the other comes out of both left and right. However the microphone and jingle audio comes out of both channels as well, so... it sounds like they fixed it after
  4. I've tried to do a focused Google search for any information about magazines with BBC listings other than Seven and Mixmag.... no luck. I tried to widen the search to simply "clubbing/DJ/Radio" oriented magazines from the UK and it seems there is a few I haven't heard about which could be interesting to dive into. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Dance_music_magazines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Dance_music_magazines_published_in_England This thread on Discogs seems interesting.... https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/506752
  5. hmm, good question where that was from. It seems Jules put his name to some Loopmasters sample packs... perhaps he also did a tutorial on using them? https://www.loopmasters.com/articles/3893-Loopmasters-Judge-Jules-Essential-Bigroom-House-Computer-Music-Magazine-Review
  6. Thanks for the audio Liz! Tracklist updated with versions and remixes
  7. Cheers Liz! Adding it to the audio archive in a bit. btw. track 30 is Limited Growth - No Fate (Santini & Stephenson Remix) ;-)
  8. Hey,Just to let you know im in the long  process of converting a lot of my Judge Jules tapes for you to add to the archive,i have over 200 so it could take a while :-)

    1. FuzzY-LogiC


      Hi Liz.


      That is amazing, thank you!


      I have uploaded the first one from 1998-11-27 and added it to the audio archive in your name.

      I am curious if you have a list of the recordings with the dates?


      Best regards, Jonathan


  9. Very interesting, I wasn't aware Jules' TL's was printed in other mags than Mixmag. Good stuff Burien! Also good to hear there is more audio coming from new members!
  10. @blakeface Nice1, always interesting to hear from someone who was in the game back then and knows stuff. I am still waiting for someone to point to that specific Ry Cooder track on the Paris Texas soundtrack where they think this is from... I am not saying it can't be a sample... actually I am not 100% convinced it isn't a real sample. I know people have been shooting the idea down for a while because several individuals have listened and said it's a synthesized sound, but to be honest, no-one knows for sure. @Burien that Milk Inc. track is indeed interesting
  11. FuzzY-LogiC


    01. Da Souza feat Shena – 'Guilty' [Data] 02. Therese – 'Feeling Me' (Digital Dog Mix) [Positiva] Funky Tried And Tested 03. Red Lake - 'Changes Alright' [Ben Gomori Mix) [white Label] 04. Terry King – 'Crazy' (Soul Seekerz Mix) [white Label] 05. Get Far - 'Shining Star' (Pornocult Vocal Mix) [541] 06. Mason - 'You Make You Wanna Dance' [Art & Craft] 07. JJ Flores & Steve Smooth - 'Deep Inside' [Menage] 08. Rosie Gaines - 'Closer Than Close' (PK Project Mix) [Dredlix] 09. Dada/Sandy Rivera - 'Lolipop' [Destination] 10. Man
  12. FuzzY-LogiC


    01. Red Lake - 'Changes Alright' [Ben Gomori Mix) [white Label] 02. Unknown - 'Shake That Ass' (Switch Mix) [white label] Funky Tried & Tested 03. Da Souza ft. Shena - 'Guilty' [Data] 04. Dada/Sandy Rivera - 'Lolipop' [Destination] 05. Leisure Groove - 'Little Love 07' [Defected] 06 .Spektrum - 'Kinda New' (Dirty South 07 Mix) [Playhouse] 07. Jupiter Ace v Alison David - 'Dream Come True' [Double Shock] 08. Camille Jones - 'The Creeps' (Fonzerelli Mix) [Data] 09. Terry King – 'Crazy' (Soul Seekerz Mix) [white Label] 10. Man Parrish - 'Hip Hop Be B
  13. 0 downloads

    01. Arty Vs Bruno Mars - 'Synapse You’re Amazing' (Dj Kev Mash Up) [CDR] 02. Marco V - 'Provider' [Tao] 03. Above & Beyond Ft Richard Bedford - 'Sun & Moon' [Anjunabeats] Claudia Cazacu Exclusive 04. Sied van Riel & Claudia Cazacu - 'Lights Off' [Couture] 05. Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa - 'Feedback' [Spinning'] 06. Example - 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' (Dub Mix) [MOS] DJ en Route : Sied Van Riel 07. unknown - 'unknown' [CDR] 08. Lee Osborne - 'Questions' [High Contrast Nu Breed] 09. Twilight - 'Eclipse' (Judge Jules Remix