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  1. Not sure where you got Dubtribe from mate. It's clearly Ice MC ;-) Good work on the others though!
  2. Hmm, I found this on Whosampled, but it's not really Jules' style.... a bit too hard dance'ish. https://www.whosampled.com/sample/723967/Dropzone-(Hard-Dance)-Vibrationz-Daryl-Hall-%26-John-Oates-When-Something-Is-Wrong-With-My-Baby/ https://www.discogs.com/Dropzone-Vibrationz-You-Dont-Stop/release/2088387
  3. Not Jim, but a line from Hall & Oates just after they finished this performance. Nicely spotted by JF-S on Facebook
  4. Welcome gg2! The only deaf ears here are because of too much clubbing I am curious if you have created digital copies of the cassettes you have...? Also if you can create a list of which shows you already have, it might be easier for people to respond as they can check up against your list. Just a thought If you need a good place to start in terms of dates and ES tracklists (up to 99 anyway), this is the place: http://sbradyman.angelfire.com/ess-selection.htm
  5. Cheers JudgeRules for the heads up! I'll amend the TL
  6. Sorry if I came off to hard, I wasn't having the best day when I wrote that reply I fully agree low quality audio is better than no audio. Making a YT playlist for videos with Jules like the Rapture ones is a good idea. Contacting the uploaders can be a serious hassle, so that's basically for when you "have time" (do we ever?)... I'll give it a second thought and see what kind of videoes are out there
  7. Hey SpinDoctor. It's not something I've given much thought before now to be honest. My personal reason for not making a YouTube channel for Jules stuff is that all upload to YT is re-encoded and therefore worse quality than the original file. Since JJA's archive is for preservation in the best possible quality, i would any day rather contact the person who uploaded the content (be it to Mixcloud, YT, etc) and get a copy of the original file. So while YT is fine for consuming the content, it's not great for archiving with quality in mind. As you say,
  8. Wow, Nice1! Jan. 2002 sounds about right. He did a set in Denmark in December 2001 with Don't Want Your Love (Connector Remix) and Close Cover i think. And I know he also played the org. bootleg of '10 revolutions in 1' from late 2001 to mid-2002 if I'm not mistaken. http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?/index.html/1992-2013/2001/2001-12-19-r556/
  9. Here's to hoping Jules will drop this tomorrow on his Lush! tribute set and finally reveal what the track is
  10. Good question... I still think it has some vibe of Tidy over it, specially the beat in the beginning, but also some moody stabs and strings later that isn't quite as usual with the Tidy boys and girls... I think it sounds like a mix-style track... both hardhousy and trancy. Not sure who played a mix of that other than Jules back then. I'm sure someone in the UK knows loads more about DJ's can name someone else
  11. It's The Two Amigos... the Summer Madness Mix: https://www.discogs.com/The-Two-Amigos-Los-Puerbos-That-Piano-Anthem/release/103801
  12. I guess i was not aware or didn't remember at the time that Mixmag had stopped the Jules listings before 99. I still got what you uploaded of the Judge'n Jury and the Dirty Dozen files, but thanks! JAson, do you happen to know which issue that was the last with Jules' listings?
  13. khu is right, it's not the Lush track Jason ;-) It's played as track 12 by Jules in his BBC Radio 1 Dance Party set on Friday, 27th August 1999 at Brighton.