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  1. Hmm, yeah, listening to that beat, I actually think you're right, that both could be from those guys... I've always disregarded the second tune to be a Dave The Drummer or similar track because of the female vocal.
  2. Amazing, thanks majid31!!!!!
  3. 18. Anthony Atcherley - 'In My House' [white label] must be the (Original A9 Mix) later released in 2001 on [Honey Pot]. There is that Ariel - 'A9' sound all through in the track
  4. @JasonB None of the first UK releases had the 'Freaks At Trade Mix', so maybe Jules got the 'NM7090MX' rls from Spanish label Container Records?... he did go to Ibiza a lot Or maybe he had the MOSP127 promo from 'Sound Of Ministry'... the House & Garage division of Ministry Of Sound Anyway, I'll change it to 'Ministry Of Sound' as that was the official UK rls ;-)
  5. id131 - last track played @ Lush, 30-06-2000

    Jules or some local Irish guv who isn't the least aware that people are still, 17 years later, looking under every little stone to ID his track
  6. 1996-xx-xx - Judge Jules, Live from Positive

    OK, this is what i have stiched together from the comments and my own research into the unknowns. 01 Green Velvet - Flash 02 Alcatraz-Give Me Luv (Alcatraz Remix)(AM:PM) 03 Jean-Philippe - 'Sexy Thing' (Chunky Bar Mix) [Redlight] 04 ID "use it, pump it" 05 ID "trancy", vocal break that goes down in tempo and back up (17:00) 06 Scot Project - U (I Got A Feeling) (Positiva) 07 ID female vocal "baby" 08 Team Deep - 'Morning Light' [Multiply] 09 36:02 ID "Lemme hear you" 10 40:33: ID 'the music' sample 11 43:04: Outsider - Pain in my Brain 12 45:30 ID unknown 13 48:20 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access (Ffrr) 14 54:12 ID 'stabs' 15 55:20 ID 'techno to house crossover' 16 57:30 Ultra High - 'Are You Ready For Love' (Stormy Weather Mix) [MCA] 17 63:44 ID female moaning 18 65:32 The Prodigy - 'Your Love' [XL] 19 70:05 ID acid'ish beat. Sounds familiar. 20 74:41 ID hard house beat with sample from 'Quench - Dreams'? 21 77:25 C*Y*B – Come On Boy [basic Mix] (Bush) 22 82:05 ID the bass has got me on 23 Fargetta - The Music Is Moving (Arista) 24 Frank 'O Moiraghi - Feel My Body [?? Mix] (UMM/Multiply) -- the last tune --
  7. 1996-xx-xx - Judge Jules, Live from Bella Bella

    TL amended! Cheers guys!
  8. 1997-xx-xx - Judge Jules, Live from Miss Moneypenny's

    Thank you Tomas!! TL has been amended
  9. Obscure white label called 'Sunrise'

    "it was straight up synth trance , no vocal .. sounded a bit like Darren tate"... Hmm, it's not the Infernal track then. I got that whitelabel and it definitely has vocals.
  10. Judge Jules Saturday 27th February 1999 Show

    Welcome to the fun :-) It's the 'Judge Jules Meets Mr Smith Mix'!
  11. @Neuro: Downloading from where? Am I the only one who doesn't see a link?
  12. 2000-01-07 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Cheers Jason, TL corrected
  13. I've heard it over and over the past week and suddenly it hit me what it reminds me of.... E-Dancer - Banjo. It might be far fetched, but take a listen to some of the E-Dancer (Kevin Saunderson) tracks from that era.... I checked most releases though and it aint it.
  14. I think the link has disappeared. Can you add it again? And I still can't find your Five Plus Five page on soundcloud
  15. Unfortunately we haven't kept track of all the unknown ID's over the years, but this list is a really good idea!