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Status Updates posted by FuzzY-LogiC

  1. Now Playing: Tiesto live from Creamfield 2002... What a mix!! Soon to be uploaded in the archives.

  2. FTP server (for uploading audio) offline for maintenance. Expected online again within a week.

  3. Sheffield... here we f*cking go! :)

  4. NP: Ayla - Ayla (Taucher Remix)

  5. Saturday Night shows audio frenzy! It's only the beginning...

    1. Neuro


      Bloody hell. I forgot we had so many pending!!

    2. FuzzY-LogiC


      Oh don't worry, there is loads more... ;-)

      These are just the ones submitted by Aza (converted by Aza) and Charlie Lane (aka C.D.Santos).

      Next up is to start adding my own stash and get the 2007-2011 tracklists processed and uploaded.

    3. Charlie Lane

      Charlie Lane

      Excellent stuff mate, keep up the good work! :D

  6. Winter is coming... time for some new audio to keep you guys and gals warm at the fireplace... Watch this space as we enter November! ;-)

  7. doing spring cleaning in the audio archive... making room for an audio frenzy.. stay tuned!

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    2. Quadrant


      Wonderful news! Can't wait for fresh audio. Excited

    3. Chewbs


      ...liking the sound of that! :D

    4. Chrissie Brown
  8. Leonard: Using just Fuzzy is fine with me :) It's more a nickname than a username really.

    btw, this is the 'Angels' compilation I was mentioning:


  9. Is completly infatuated by the compilation 'Angels - Chill Trance Essentials 2'... amazingly well compiled!

    1. jambo


      I was wondering how many post i need before I can download files cheers

    2. Simcut


      You need to linkage me to this Fuzzy!

  10. normality is all around you... I'm just glad to be one of a kind.

    1. leonard1one


      I like that perspective BIG time! Never let it change!

    2. leonard1one


      Just had to return to say I really like that :)

  11. just discoreved two fantastic overlooked features in the board software... will make it much easier and faster to maintain audio (specially when it breaks!)... yay!

    1. FuzzY-LogiC
    2. Neuro


      You'll have to fill me in this week!

  12. It'll be approved asap

  13. haha!... best comment I've seen in a while about Jules... "Jules is great when he leaves the cheese in the fridge." :)

  14. is cracking on with the new tracklisting archive...