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  1. 01. Peter horrevorts - Escapade [suka] 02. Ripperton -Violence (Joris Voorn Remix) [Green] 03. Marco Effe - Janet [Cecile] 04. Bart Skills - All Night [100%] 05. Super Flu - Poelswoggn [Mona Berry] 06. Paco Osuna - My Friend [Plus8] 07. Audion - Just Me [spectral Sound] 08. &Me - Youth [Keinemusik] 09. Florian - Lovers N Fighters (DJ Madskillz Remix) [Noir] 10. Kaiserdisco - Cailon [MBF] 11. Paul Harris - Terris (Radioslave Remix) [Rekids] 12. f***poney - I'm Burning Inside (Paul Ritch Remix) [bpitch Control] 13. Julian Jeweil - Soho [Cocoon] 14. Daniele Papini - She Evil (Nam
  2. I'm selling my EFX 500 since I use traktor scratch now, and dont really use the effects on the EFX that much. I dont really need to tell you what it can do, cause anyone that might want to buy it will know what its capable of :thumbsup: Its in perfect condition, its nearly 2 years old and has never left my bedroom nor does it have any scratches. Leaving it go for a handy price too, so if you're interested send me a PM
  3. cheers for clearing that up mate Looking forward to getting it Have been playing around with a demo version for ages so got hooked from that Def the way forward I reckon
  4. yeah I was gonna get the pro version but its hopefully gonna do the job for me for the time being anyway. Only difference between the two, is 4 decks instead of 2 and more effects is it?
  5. I purchased this tonight off thomann. I'm just wondering if all the cables I need come with it, or do I need to get more to connect it up to cdjs and a djm600?? Cheers in advance
  6. KSheehan


    If you're into your gadgets and can afford it then Id def recommend getting one. Best gadget i've bought so far :thumbsup: There's just sooo many cool apps for it, it really baffles me sometimes the stuff you can find on it.
  7. Loving this EP also, however I'm liking the flip side 'We're All Clean' better :winkthumbsup:
  8. I think most djs would usually ensure that the quality of their tracks would be top notch when burning to cd anyway, so dont see the difference with mp3's?
  9. I know man, I gathered that :thumbsup: I was referring to the amount of bands / commercial acts in the tracklist.. Has trance gone so stale that this is 'what's in' now or wa?? :confused:
  10. That looks like a Top Of The Pops Christmas special tracklist or something :rubbish:
  11. that's because no one else has the balls to play it
  12. Shame on u Jason lol!! It is that bad! Cheesy as hell!
  13. Fookin Hell Jules has lost it!!!