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  1. Cheers Jason, well happy with that vote!! This is the 1st ive actually recorded myself ever. Decided to go with the 10 minute mix rather than a longer one. Youtube had a competition where you had to fit as much into 10 minutes as possible and also show how good you were. Have to say its a s*** load harder than just mixing a song out and in at the end of the songs.
  2. Alright Bjorn, hows things mate? As i said to Aza the distortion is only from me recording it through my web cam. Even with the levels fully up the sound is still perfect due to the quility of the mixer. Ive noticed in a good few of the clubs ive been in aswell that the levels are never out of the red too. What did you actually think of my mixing mate? Cheers for the advice
  3. Cheers mate, and after nearly 8 months im happy to see its all the same faces on the forum. Im gonna start coming on here alot more as you's are a good bunch of folk. Did you manage to get a chance to have a look at the video?
  4. Alright, its the Pioneer djm800 mixer. Got it just a few months ago and its the best thing ive ever bought in my life.
  5. Alright Aza, one of the main people i wanted to see the video. The distortion on my video didnt come from either the effects on the mixer or my speakers. It was due to me recording it on my webcam and it sitting next to my speakers. Next time i make one i will try and avoid it and use something alot better to record. During the mix i did try and whack on as many tunes on as possible. Due to this it does sound like the middle 2 tracks are getting mixed out before they actually kick in but the 1st and the 4th track get left to play. Im practising as much as possible now and my overall mixing has improved so much recently im now rarely making mistakes during larger mixes. Cheers for the advice mate.
  6. Hi, How is everyone? Sorry i havent posted on the forum for ages but ive been really busy with my new place. Ive also been practising alot on my decks recently and managed to throw together a 10 minute mix for youtube. As it was you's that gave me advice last year when i started djing i thought you could give me some feedback on the video i made. If you like can you either let me know on this or leave a comment on youtube. Cheers people, looking forward to hear what you all think.
  7. I travelled all the way down from Scotland for this event thinking it was going to be 24*c from the site weather forecast. When i arrived it was even colder and wetter than its even been north of the border all year! :confused: Apart from that i was only dissapointed in the music levels in the radio 1 tent, the rest of the night was brilliant. Bring on Global gathering now!!! :mrgreen:
  8. DeAnO

    Your DJ Setup

    Alright people, havent been on this in a very long time due to me moving house and also putting alot of hours in djing. Thought i might aswell say hi and post my new set up. Let me know what you guys think about it. Hows everyone getting on with their djing? Cheers 1 x Technics 1210 mk2 turntable 2 x Pioneer cdj 1000 mk3 cd decks 1 x Djm 800 mixer 1 x Technics RP DJ 1200 headphones 1 x Ortofon pro scratch needle
  9. DeAnO

    Under-rated DJ's

    Willie D also gets big respect from me! 2 years ago at newyear down in Newcastle i had to carry his vinyl from the trainstation down to the water front as his mates left him and he just about died doing it himself.
  10. DeAnO

    Under-rated DJ's

    I would have to say the Barry Connell and Adam Sheridan. They both play amazing trance and hard dance sets but are shadowed with people like Eddie Halliwell and the other djs that are signed up to Goodgreef label.
  11. I know how much you's fans to the lovely and helpfull people at Htfr so i thought you might like this. After finally getting in from work today after a busy day i find a letter from this lovely bunch. What it said was that they had sent me out a catalogue recently and were "Dissapointend" i hadnt ordered anything out of it! How cheeky do you think that is because i think its taking the piss. They also said is i dont order before the 4th of March im getting taken off there mailing list. Lol
  12. This will keep me occupied for hours! Im gonna be the new bollywood film director. The clip u made was pure class.
  13. Alright mate, what u messing with sellotape on xmas day for? Thats what your meant to fall out on xmas eve with when your totally stressed from wrapping the pressies. Just remember the woman always has to be right in her head. lol
  14. Alright folks, it will be a travel down to Leeds for me on newyears day to club Evolution! From 2pm till 2am of pure hard dance madness with Goodgreef and Sundissential. Woohooo Had the tickets for weeks, buying the train tickets tomorrow and the hotel is all booked so im sorted. I cannot wait!
  15. Ive never missed Eddie Halliwell at the arches for many many years so i'll be there. The Fire It Up nights are really decent too.