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Hello all


It's been a very long time since we updated the software and styling on JJA. So right now and during this weekend we'll be updating the entire website, including this messageboard. ....If you see any missing logos, or stuff broken, don't fret!


We really hope you enjoy the new look site when it appears :)


Thanks for your patience!


Neuro and the entire JJA team

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Ok so by now you will have seen the upgraded board. It was a huge step.


But there is more to do, because our webhost requires us to move all of our mp3 files to different (paid) storage, which is a real pain. It has been happily sitting on the server for 11 years and now they are unhappy with the amount of multimedia (probably close to 200GB now) of audio on a shared server, which is perhaps understandable.


More stuff to come:

  • Stylesheets in the Tracklistings archive to fix;
  • Stylesheets and layout the Gallery archive and easier upload facility;
  • Downloads files to move to Amazon S3 storage;
  • Downloads archive to permit user-submitted files up to 200MB (if larger, Admins can circumvent this cap via FTP in your name, just contact us);
  • "Unknown IDs" section to return in a brand new section, with built-in audio player and user upload facilities;
  • New skin as default theme
  • New embedding code that recognises mp3 / youtube / soundcloud / mixcloud links and embeds them in your posts;
  • Lots of other niggles and tweaks

Sorry for the downtime but we hope over the next few months you'll like what you see :)


As we have no advertising on here, this site is all funded by myself personally and FuzzY-LogiC, so thank you for all your support and patience.

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On 11/4/2016 at 8:34 PM, drtim said:

Mate, perhaps set up an account so that people can make an annual donation if they so wish? 


On 11/4/2016 at 9:01 PM, Chrissie Brown said:

I think this is a good idea and l for one will definitely make a donation


Very kind of you both - thank you! I'll be setting up a sidebar widget for donations, which will be by PayPal. Any amount helps hugely especially as we now have to pay extra to store the downloads on external servers.

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22 hours ago, Burien said:

Unknown IDs"  hope there comming back soon ... how to upload then an new id in the id selection with audio?


Burien, your wish has been granted!


This section is back alive - I've still got a lot of the old data to reupload in it (including all the old threads / audio clips), as well as the already-identified tracks. But I've made a start, and the ability for members to upload their own unknown IDs is functioning too. The player is HTML5 so it also functions on Android and iPhone platforms!


I really hope you all like it - any suggestions or improvements please post here.


More to come!

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20 hours ago, Burien said:

whats happend to the audio downloads since 2 weeks unawalible?


Everything is being transferred to the S3 servers as we speak. So gradually all the downloads will start working again.


This will take a few days because of the sheer volume of data to transfer. Even via FTP on a superfast fibre connection, the upload took over 20 hours.


The original issue was due to incorrect PHP settings that couldn't handle the transfer due to the large size of our mp3s. Unfortunately, the migration software is more like a cut & paste so the original audio archive was wiped even though the actual transfers failed. Luckily, we had a backup :)



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