Manifesto Christmas Crackers DJ Mag Tape 1996

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I finally bought this from Discogs marketplace, as the B side tracklisting indicates a Judge Jules Mix (I think the A side is probably mixed by Luke Neville).



1 That Kid Chris - 'Feel the Vibe'

2 House Foundation Feat. Butch Quick - 'Feel It In My Soul'

3 Boris D'lugosch Presents Booom! -'Keep On Pushin'' (Murk Monster Mix)

4 Byron Stingily - 'Get Up' (Derrick Carter Red Nail Mix)

5 Blackbox - 'Native New Yorker' (Angel Moraes Mix)

6 Darryl D'Bonneau - 'Don't Turn Your Back On Me'

7 Sara Parker - 'My Love Is Deep' (Nush  Norty Dub)

8 Hole In One - 'Lifes Too Short' (Live At Paleis Mix)



1 Hole In One - 'Lifes Too Short' (Live At Paleis Mix)

2 Groove Park - 'Say What'

3 Digital Blondes - 'Antheum'

4 Fanny Flow - 'Kiss Of Life (Digital Blondes Mix)

5 Loop Da loop - 'Go With The Flow' (Dex & Jonesey Dub)

6 Hondy - 'Hondy (No Access)' (Salone Marghertia Mix)

7 United Nations Project - United Nations Of House (Qattara Mix)


It turns out that this Digital Blondes Mix of Fanny Flow never got released, there is no trace of it anywhere. Also there is no trace of the other version of this track Jules during his Essential Mix Comp Mix!


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