Conductor & The Cowboy - Sunshine ????

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Conductor & The Cowboy - Sunshine

hello to all somebody know where i can get my hands on this tune played around 2000 ore 2001
somebody told me it was mabie released on an promo cd .. Promo Only edition mabie Euro Dance Edition

short clip of judge jules show back in the day,,,

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The short clip is originally mine, which is lifted from Jules's show on 03/03/2001 - I happened to record a segment of the show and it was on it. I must try and find the minidisc now!


From memory I'm sure Serious Records signed the track, but I've no idea why it never actually got released. 


Universal hold all the sound recording copyrights now for everything released before 2003, so we'll never hear it now. Might be worth asking Jules if he remembers?

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Great news, so something has happened here in the opaque world (well I've always seen it that way) of licensing and publishers... perhaps the license is up and so they have been free again to distribute their sound recordings as they want.



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