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hi there was hoping somebody out there can help me find a tune it was played on radio 1 I'm sure it was a new years eve mix from either 98, 99, or 2000 I cant really remember much but I'm sure it was played at the end and had male and female vocals singing at the same time not sure if it was done live the only part of the vocals I can remember are :

I want your love I want it right now......... because in my dreams (or eyes) theres only you!


been looking for it for years and its never popped up its driving me mad as I loved the tune  I had it recorded on a tape with other tunes like ralph fridge - angel, rising star - touch me and ratty - sunrise (here iam) all recorded from jules shows on radio 1 which is why I think it could be from those years

I know its not loads to go on but thanks for any help : )

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