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Tribal Techno/Progressive ID (DJ Nukem style-sound)

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Been trying to identify this progressive house/tribal techno track which was played by Guy Ornadel at the Republic of Gatecrasher and it sounds to be in a similar kind of style to DJ Nukem/Chab tunes. Maybe circa 2001ish. Unfortunately, no joy from Guy and DJ Nukem has confirmed that it is not his production. There is a vocal sample at around 3.56 which I am told sounds like "against the grain" definitely says something but uncertain as to what. 


Hoping some of the people with expert knowledge on all things techno may be able to help?  The tune is listed below: (muttered vocal can be found at 3.56) 


And a shorter clip with just the break is listed underneath: (muttered vocal can be found at 32 secs) 


Any help in this area would be much appreciated :)

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