Anyone got any samples or versions of these?

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Anyone any samples or ideas especially the unknown ones



4 - More Bounce 
Cygnus X - Sea of Orange 
D.D - Unknown 
Deliverance - Feel You 
Morpheus - Shock 
Mouve - 93 
Mr Oizo Vs Daft Punk - Flat Beat 
Nueva - 93 
Power - R U Large 
Quartermaster - Want You Back 
Rhythm Rebel - Mama Say 
Rhythm Robbers - Mama Say 
Robert Armani - Circus Bells (Unknown Remix) 
Rubadub - Gobounce 
Space Brothers - Destiny 
Stash - Stash 
Sump Pump - Realm Of Insanity 
Sunshine - Let The Sunshine 
The Dubwise Selectas - Wassup (At The Disco) 
Unknown - Double Life 
Unknown - Gorgeous 
Unknown - Joy 
Unknown - Let The Sun Shine 
Unknown - Like 
Unknown - Mind Blowin 
Unknown - More Bounce 
Unknown - Piano Roots 
Unknown - Plus One 
Unknown - Powersurge 
Unknown - Sound Design 
Unknown - Stomp 
Unknown - Tainted Love 
Unknown - Tantrum 
Unknown - The Music Makes You 
Unknown - This World 

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Serious Danger feat. Carlton - Do U Dream 




other mixes are also on you tube. 


Pretty much search for some of those tracks on you tube and they may pop up 

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welcome to judge jules universe of tiping tunes rong into the tracklist he always does that some of them was normal releases ore some of them still white .. i found mabie 20% of this tunes sometimes he named the tunes rong labels .not the artists ,, shure will work on this and try to id all of them but is really hard sometimes without an audio ore help from discogs with having releases without an audio ore video sample ..  just an example  Channel 2 - 'Ventilation' [Mid Town]   was in real   Channel 2 ‎– Ventilation (Funk-D-Lux Records ‎ 2000) so the record label was rong a verry funky tune .. this is just a prove he always tiped in tunes rong sometimes with rong name  





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Heres more of them: 



And the gibson brothers sampling track is the unreleased instrumental version og this (I reckon Jules was the only person to have said copy, as he probably didn't like the vocals on it so asked Paul for a instrumental, kinda how the version of Sythn & Strings everyone knows came about):



Mucca - Higher  = David Morales & Albert Cabrera Present Moca - Higher (Azuli)


Zee Cowling - Never In A Million Years (Boy George Mix) Breathless Records =




as Burien said, some are mis typed / mispelt / mislabelled. Others,which I've pointed out are easily found on you tube by searching for them. 

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Like fuck is it, just use your common sense and you'll work it all out. Just trawl through the tracklstings and you'll find that some weeks listings give the full correct info for all the tracks you are questioning. If you can afford to spend silly money on acetates and such then you can actually spend some time iding stuff for yourself rather than expecting others to do so just for your own personal gain. Boom.

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