Trance, Progressive/Tribal House, Techno & Electro IDs 2000-2008


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Hi all. I have been wanting to get a load of these tune IDs resolved for many, many years. They are mostly from Guy Ornadel's mixes which include his Future Radio show, 6hr sets at PaSSion etc. where the tracklistings seem non-existent! Messaged the man too but unfortunately he couldn't help other than to wish me luck in this quest! Some great variety here across the spectrum. Please take a listen, you never know, you may happen to know some of the IDs and maybe also discover some cool tunes 
Enjoy and thank you for listening.

Unknown Years Trance IDs (but definitely within 2000-2008)
01. = Ronald van Gelderen (A.K.A. Kid Vicious) - Proceed (Kid Vicious' Obsessive Remake) SOLVED
02. = Musikman - Air (05 Remix) SOLVED
03. (Catchy tribal techno kick from 10 seconds)
2000 Progressive Trance IDs
05. = Dececio - Spectrum (D.F.R Remix) SOLVED
06. = Boom! - Boy Versus Girls (Darude vs JS16 Remix) SOLVED
2001 Progressive Tribal House IDs
13. = Audioplacid - Exemption SOLVED
2004 Trance IDs
25. Uses a similar lead to Scott Bond vs Solarstone - 3rd Earth)
26. = Sander Van Dien - Terms (Vocal Extended Mix) SOLVED

2005 Trance IDs
27. = Ronski Speed - I.C. SOLVED 
28. ID remix of BT - Remember, don't think it's the Benz & MD Remix
2007 Trance IDs
2008 Electro ID
33. = Jonas Stenberg - Enhancer SOLVED
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