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Bongoloid77 vol 2


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He'd already been on Kiss Pirate for 2 years and putting on parties as Family Function and doing Shoom. He was a different DJ then ... very much the London Sound, along with House and breakbeats it was very downtempo, dubby dance stuff. Bizarre to look at what Kiss devolved to after the 90s. I didn't actually catch Jules Djing live until summer 93. I was 16 and had troubles getting into clubs because I had a baby face lol ... I finally got into AWOL @ Paradise Club in Islington to see Randall playing Breakbeat - Hardcore (Jungle hadn't even landed then but was evolving in between the aforementioned styles)  The House room downstairs was affectionately known as the chillout room lol, and Jules was in there DJing the stuff that was on his JDJ mix in 93. Very funky with Acid House styles. I don't think I missed a London gig of Jules until 99, when clubland really started to change along with the whole of London. 

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