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Bonzai Recordings - an hour long documentary

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Happy New Year folks! Thought some people might find this interesting :)



00:00:00 ▶ Intro

0:02:24 ▶ Chapter One - Shouldn’t you stop being a waiter? Isn’t there anything else you’d like to do?

00:04:52 ▶ Chapter Two - R&S is doing great, but why don’t you start a label?

00:09:27 ▶ Chapter Three - We just wanted to make good music, release it, and party!

00:16:16 ▶ Chapter Four - You could just put a DJ name on a T-shirt and everybody wanted one

00:23:08 ▶ Chapter Five - There is the bag, figure it out

00:24:59 ▶ Chapter Six - When you went out or you played a Bonzai track, you just knew the roof would come down

00:30:06 ▶ Chapter Seven - We said, M.I.K.E., this is the A-side

00:40:48 ▶ Chapter Eight - And then all of a sudden, you lost everything

00:46:08 ▶ Chapter Nine - Let the Bonzai flag fly again


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tnx for this , big fan of Bonzai early on ! Happy New Year

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Finally got around to watch this. Really good and very honest docu!

Makes me wanna buy a second 1210 and dust off my Bonzai 12's :D

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