The Beat Logistix Podcast (by Carl Briggs) - Episode 1 (January 2018)

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Hi guys,
I've just started a quarterly "retro" Trance & Hardgroove Techno podcast - which will feature approximately 75 minutes of tunes from the mid-1990's through to around 2015.
I've just added Episode 1 to Podomatic, SoundCloud and MixCloud if anyone wants to check it out.
Megamind - Taub (2002 Mix) [BXR Records - 2002]
Umek - Gatex (Oliver Lieb Remix) [Magik Muzik - 2002]
Abel Ramos - Aquarius (Randy Katana Mix - CSB Edit) [Pulsar Records - 2004]
Divini & Warning - 4LB (Original Mix) [Reset Records - 2006]
Adam Sheridan - Terminal Velocity (Original Mix) [Tatsumaki - 2004]
Rank 1 - Such Is Life (Deep Dub) [ID&T - 2001]
Out Of Grace - Mindblast (Original Mix) [High Contrast Recordings - 2006]
DJ Atmospherik Meets Saucermen - Aquarius (DJ Atmospherik Remix) [Offshore Music - 2005]
Mojado - Naranja (Dimitri Andreas Vision) [Magik Muzik - 2004]
Boca - Play With Me (Bellfire Mix) [Dropout - 2002]
Ricky Effe - Rectifier (Original Mix) [BXR Records - 2002]
Dick Van Nille - Outside (Original Mix) [Drehscheibe - 2002]
Mainx - 88 To Piano (Fabio Stein's Panic Bootleg) [Unreleased / White Label - 2006]
Marcel Woods - Cherry Blossom (Original Mix - CSB's 'Energy' Edit) [High Contract Recordings - 2005]
Muchas gracias amigos

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Solid mix, Briggsy. I particularly liked hearing Boca - Play With Me again. My copy of this has an annoying warp which makes it particularly difficult to mix.

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Thanks for listening and for the feedback mate. Boca - Play With Me is such a tune isn't it? Warped records is the one side to DJ'ing with vinyl that I don't miss. I remember Altitude - Excession being a nightmare to mix because it suddenly jumped up 2bpm which threw the entire mix out. 


My aim is to have a "retro" mix similar to this online every three months - the next one should be recorded and online within the next couple of weeks hopefully :-D

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Times flies... I thought of the and days and I thought I wonder what the other DJs are up to nowadays like Lazarus, DJX2, DJ Carl Briggs etc :)


The mix is banging, Carl! I loved it. The mixing was spot on so the tinnitus ain't stopping you yet, though it looks like the quarterly sessions didn't last long as the last one was 5 months ago.


Shame a lot of the music forums are dying, etc. gone, I closed down when we had that Radio trouble with Passion Radio if you remember? Boooo.


Look forward to the next one.




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