2001-06-23 Judge Jules Live from Café Del Mar, Ibiza


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2001-06-23 Judge Jules Live from Café Del Mar, Ibiza

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BBC Radio 1
Saturday Show - Live from Café Del Mar, Ibiza (Live Broadcast)
5:00pm - 7:00pm


01. Tall Paul vs INXS - 'Precious Heart' (Riva Mix) [Duty Free]

02. Canalogue - 'Expect No Mercy' [unreal]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

03. Meck - 'Freakism' [white label]

04. Natural Born Grooves - 'Kickback' (Unknown Remix) [Natural Born Grooves]

05. Joy Kitikonti - 'Joy Energizer' [bXR]

06. Riva - 'Stringer' (Tall Paul Mix) [united]

07. Terry Bones - 'Getaway' [Fog Area]

08. Tall Tin Box - 'God's Love' [Propane/Perfecto]

09. Afrika Bambaataa - 'Funky Heroes' (Jan Driver Mix) [Airplay]

10. Members Of Mayday - '10 In 01' [Deviant]

11. No-one Driving - 'Playa Sol' [Phoenix Platinum]

12. DJ Dero - 'Tuk Tak!' [Old Mortals]

13. Chuck Coogan - 'Voodoo' [inferno]

14. Lil Devious - 'Come Home' (Dave Clarke Mix) [Rulin]

15. Goodfellas - 'Soul Heaven' (Dave Clarke Mix) [Azuli]

Ibiza Sunset

16. Roger Sanchez - 'Another Chance' [Defected]

Dave Pearce's Ibiza Tune

17. Ian van Dahl - 'Castles In The Sky' (Original 12" Mix) [NuLife]

18. Motivation - 'Para Mi' (Intrique Deep Bass Attack) [Definitive]

19. VPL - 'T-Break' (Original Mix) [Closet]

20. Microbe - 'Exit To Nowhere' [Redemption]

Judge For Yourself

21. S.F.T.G. & Colein - 'Lean On Me' [upstream]

22. The Green Matian - Industry {Serious]

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