Help id-ing a mix?

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I'm new here so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum.


I'm looking for an older mix but unfortunately my recollection is kinda vague at this point. It was probably recorded somewhere around 2001-2005, and I'm quite confident I heard it either on another DJ's show (Global DJ Broadcast or similar) or a radio show like BBC's. Only thing I recall somewhat clearly at this point is the presenter saying something the effect of "Judge Jules as recorded live at The Empire([1]] club in Middlesbrough[2]". The presenter was definitely not live and more matter of factly rather than a live show performer announcing an artist. IIRC the mix was around 40-50 mins long. Sadly that's all I've got...


1. I'm quite sure it was The Empire club but not 100%.

2. It was definitely Middlesbrough though.

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