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Aza pres. 'Prydanaut' (Eric Prydz Dedication Mix)

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One of my biggest dedications to one of the industries most influential, prolific & iconic artists, Eric Prydz.


Even back in the day with my Trance & Techno sets, I used to spin a lot of Prydz, Pryda & Cirez D tracks. Nowadays, being more into my Prog House, House & Techno stuff felt been compelled to put this together. 


Choosing 40 tracks, in a nutshell was conceding to the fact I couldn't nail it to 30; 30 was gonna be 10 for each alias (consciously omitting Tonja Holma)... So given here in the UK there's 'Top 40 Chart', it's on that basis, except tracks aren't in any particular order - & limited to what tracks I have. Have gone for moving around the Camelot wheel as best as possible, and so without further ado, here goes...


If you get chance hope you can check it out and & open to your feedback :)



  1. Cirez D - Re-Match
  2. Cirez D - Mokba
  3. Pryda - Waves
  4. Pryda - Night Breed
  5. Eric Prydz vs. Chvrches - Tether (Original Mix)
  6. Pryda - T.I.D.
  7. Pryda - Choo
  8. Cirez D - The Accuser
  9. Cirez D - Glow
  10. Cirez D - Mouseville Theme
  11. Cirez D -  In The Reds
  12. Eric Prydz - Trubble
  13. Pryda - Lillo
  14. Eric Prydz - 2Night
  15. Pryda - Juletider
  16. Eric Prydz - Last Dragon
  17. Eric Prydz - Collider
  18. Eric Prydz - Liberate
  19. Eric Prydz - Every Day
  20. Pryda - The Truth
  21. Pryda - Layers 
  22. Cirez D - Teaser
  23. Pryda - Rotonda
  24. Pryda - Rebel XX
  25. Pryda - Emos 
  26. Pryda - Nile
  27. Eric Pyrdz - Som Sas
  28. Eric Prydz - Black Dyce
  29. Pryda - Origins
  30. Cirez D - Ruby
  31. Pryda - M.S.B.O.Y. (Original Mix)
  32. Pryda - Mirage (Original Mix)
  33. Eric Prydz - Niton (Original Mix)
  34. Eric Prydz - The Matrix (Original Mix)
  35. M83 - Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Mix)
  36. Cirez D - Drums In The Deep (Original Mix) 
  37. Prydz - Axis
  38. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix)
  39. Eric Prydz - Opus (Four Tet Remix)
  40. Cirez D - On Off vs. Lazer Beams (Private Mash-up)
Edited by Aza

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Meh, I personally think he is very samey and very overated. I own odd tracks and remixes(more early ones) here and there.

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Some absolute bombs in there mate, will never tire of On/Off and some of the other Cirez D tracks 

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