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Admittedly, I am a little slow to pick up on this sub-label, however I am really enjoying the releases on FSOE Clandestine recently.


While they are getting slightly formulaic, typically featuring a heavy tech influenced bass with trance saw breakdown, overall I am very impressed.   This reminds of the excitement that Nukleuz could generate at it's apex.  You could almost buy a 12" blind from them and still be sure of a high quality release.


Any thoughts or particular recommendations?


Discogs: FSOE Clandestine

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You are very correct about Bonzai.  MIKE and L-Vee were fertile minds and it was truly was a lucky time to be into electronic music.


There haven't been any releases on the other FSOE imprints which have captured my interest.  The harder techy basslines of Clandestine tend to peak my interest though.  Two releases I have particularly enjoyed are:


Paul Webster & Casey Rasch - Silencer

David Forbes & Paul Denton - Blizzard

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The main FSOE label is more geared towards the uplifting / melodic side, whereas FSOE Clandestine leans more towards the Techier sound.


Clandestine releases some good stuff - but like the main FSOE label (and a lot of labels these days really), a lot of their releases are hit and miss.


If you like FSOE Clandestine, then check out the Grotesque and Aerys labels too. They release some stuff which is very similar to the Clandestine stuff.



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Hey guys!

Saw this, I've engineered 7 of the past 62 FSOE Clandestine releases, some of the more techier ones!  Loving the sound of the label, Stoneface & Terminal have mixed a CD coming on Skullduggery soon with some belters in.   Def one of my fav tech trance labels out there.


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On the other hand I am liking some recent releases on FSOE parralels.  Horses for courses really, on the whole not a big fan of a lot of trance stuff from the past few years, as noted by whatever mixes I do its the mellower, deep, proggy house and such I go for  these days. 

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