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We think we have exhausted every source out there, both in terms of audio and tracklistings, so unless we get contacted that someone has a stash of cassettes somewhere they want us to digitize and upload on here, or indeed they upload something new themselves, what we have in the archives is pretty much it.


I do know I have the "end of year" Saturday show from 2000 somewhere split across 2 minidiscs which I would love to find. Once I do, you can be sure it will be uploaded straight away :)

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Thanks for that Tim, i hope you are well. 


Will look forward to that 2000 show appearing at some stage ;-) 


All the best mate, 



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1 id

2 the clergy-saints & sinners saints mix

3 nappy hardcore - the laugh

4 hi gate - work it out

5 id


7 da hool - eicherlruck mg remix 1

8 stix n stoned - outrageous

9 warp brothers v aquagen - phat bass

10 yves deruyter - back to earth

11 yellow vicious circles moogwai mix?

12  hi gate - cained n unable

13 rba no other alternative

14 dj gary - my own kind of style

15  hi gate - d tune


17 dj gert - give me some more

18 delirium - silence tiesto

19  angelic - cant keep me silent

20 id - ak47?


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I do have some more shows to record & upload, but I'm working 2 jobs currently (have been for almost the past year), so don't have much time to do any of that, plus I didn't have the tape deck anymore for a number of months.


It'll come, I promise, can't say when exactly though :O

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To give you an idea, I have the following amount in my archive that still needs to be recorded and uploaded:-

1998 - 13 shows (mixture of 90 minutes & 2 hours)
1999 - 17 shows (majority are 2 hours)
2000 - 3 shows
2001 - 2 shows
2002 - 18 shows

unknown dates - 2 shows

that's 55 shows worth of audio to come!

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drtim: More to come indeed. We are currently trying to index what we have that isn't uploaded yet.

It's quite the task, for me mainly because I am not super organised in my file filing system :D

But it'll come :)

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Keep an eye out for new audio.... and a new category!! :)

All the Monthly Mixes from which I have downloaded over the years are now proper renamed and tagged.

I've already uploaded 2002 and 2003.

The rest of the years will be added as soon as possible.


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