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2002-08-10 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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2002-08-10 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

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01. First Choice - 'Aint He Bad'

02. Mint Royale - 'Sexiest Man In Jamica' (Richard Scanty Mix) [Faith & Hope]

03. Dark Suite feat. Aura - 'Dark Sweet Piano' (Starchasers Mix) [illustrious]

04. Felix Da Housecatt - 'Silver Screen Shower Scene' (Thin White Duke Mix) [City Rockers]

05. Cassius - 'Sound of Violence' (Narcotic Thurst Mix) [Virgin]

06. Oxygen Feat. Andrea Britton - 'Am I On Your Mind?' (Lustral Mix) [switch]

07. DT8 feat. Roxanne Wilde - 'Destination' [FFRR]

08. Mikito vs Smithmonger - 'Me, Be, She, Be' [safety In Numbers]

09. Jurgen Vries - 'The Theme' [Direction]

10. Jurgen Vries - 'The Opera Song' [FFRR]

11. Moguai pres. Punx - 'The Rock' [Data]

12. Paul Masterson pres. Sushi - 'The Earthshaker' [NuLife/You Clash]


Judge Jules Tried & Tested

13. Soho - 'Flying Madness (Part II)' [byte]


14. The Speakerfreaks - 'Pos. 51' [white label]

15. DJ Sandy pres. Housetrap - 'Overdrive' (Scott Mac Mix) [Positiva]

16. System F - 'Needle Juice' [Tsunami]

17. DJ Chrome - 'Who's Crying Now?' (Terpsichord Mix) [Perfecto]

18. Hi-Gate - 'Saxuality' [incentive]Judge For Yourself

19. Vic - 'Clip Me' [white label]

20. Donna Summer vs Roger Goode - 'I Feel The Beginning' [white label]

21. John The Dentist - 'Alcohol' [Phoenix Uprising]

22. Brooklyn Bounce - 'Loud & Proud' [Product]

23. Matt Darey - 'Moody' [incentive]


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