Old trance records coming back into fashion?


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Just wondering if any *ahem* "more senior" people on here have noticed younger DJs starting to play old late 90s-early 00s trance records?

HAAi played "ATB - 9pm till I come" at AVA recently, Denis Sulta has been doing it for years with stuff like "666 - DEVIL" and "York - OTB". Jackmaster, Space Dimension Controller, Nina Kraviz all pull out trance tunes intermittently.

I'm curious as to what people make of this? I can't really tell if they're these playing records in an ironic way - cos let's be honest some of these records have not aged at all well - or whether it's based on the assumption that the average 18-25ish clubber will not have heard these tunes played out before and they are being played out of genuine love?
In 2000 Sasha was playing "Yeke Yeke", Paul Woolford is playing full sets of old skool rave/hardcore. When I used to DJ I would never leave the house without my copy of "CLS - Can You Feel It". Is my discomfort about this based on my snobbery against trance compared to "better" records?


Mainly it just makes me feel old. I own cassette singles of some of these tracks and now a DJ is playing them off a USB stick to a room full of people a decade younger than I am.
Nostalgia, eh? It ain't what it used to be....

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Am well out the loop now, lol, but had a word with a young (27ish) trance orientated DJ I know and he said "I regularly play classics and stuff, can't beat them often lead up to more modern stuff". But as for a resergence in general I wouldn't know...

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