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2003-03 -, March 2003 Mix

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2003-03 -, March 2003 Mix

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Live from Empire, Middlesbrough

01. Bryan Zentz - 'D-Clash' (Slam Remix) [Intec]

02. FLR - 'Easy Filter Part X' (Chester Beatty Remix) [Reel Musiq]

*03. Cave - 'Street Carnival' [Ingoma]

*04. Hi-Gate - 'I Can Hear Voices' [Incentive]

05. ATB - 'I Don't Wanna Stop' [Kontor/Radikal]

06. Silvio Ecomo - 'No Dip' (Boca Dub) [Digidance]

07. Solar Stone - 'Solarcoaster' (Steve Murano Remix) [Lost Language]

08. Icecream Man - 'Onshore' (Screwball Remix) [white label]

09. Michael Woods - 'Solex' [Free2air]

10. Darren Tate - 'Synergy 2003' [white label]

11. Hi-Gate - 'Hurricane' [Incentive]

12. Neo & Barbwire - 'Burn' [Barbwire]

*13. Kota - 'Waiting' [Mondo]

*14. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

*15. Bodyshock - 'Break This' [Bonzai]

*16. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

*17. VPL - 'Bass Trouble' [Closet]

*18. Sharpside - 'Critikal Freaks 2003' [white label]

*19. Tomcraft - 'Loneliness' [Data]

*20. Fabio MC - 'Return Of Memory' [BXR]

*21. Fingers Burnt - 'Squat Thrust' [Fingers Burnt]

*22. Plummet - 'Damaged' (Antillas Remix) [Serious]


* Sadly the rest of the audio for this show does not survive. If you have this, please let us know so we can merge it with this audio to complete it.


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