2008-10 - JudgeJules.net, October 2008 Mix


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2008-10 - JudgeJules.net, October 2008 Mix

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Recorded live at Slinky, Opera House, Bournemouth


01. Wippenberg - 'Chakalaka' [High Contrast]

02. Richard Durand - 'Predator vs Cha Cha' [white label]

03. Heatbeat - 'Paradise Garage' (Piano Mix) [Soundpiercing]

04. Fred Baker Vs. Simon Patterson - 'Lunar Smack' (Chaz Dos Santos Mashup) [white label]

05. Paul Webster - 'Corruption' (Mac & Taylor Remix) [white label]

06. Icone - 'Cosmos' (Fei Fei Mix) [Flux Delux]

07. Eddie Sender vs. Meck - 'So Komarna' (Heatbeat Mix Edit) [white label]

08. Oukidi - 'Baila El Chici Chici' (Fred Baker Remix) [white label]

09. Guru Josh Project - 'Infinity 2008' (Klass Remix) [Happy Music]

10. Judge Jules - 'Judgement Theme' [Maelstrom]

11. Adrien Aubrun & François Dennig - 'No Break' (Electric Mix) [Resolutions]

12. Jamster A - 'Cicada' (Leon Boiler Remix) [Spinnin']

13. Lee Haslam - 'Punch Drunk' [Digital Remedy]

14. Gareth Emery vs. Delerium - 'This is Silence' (Myon and Shane 54 Mashup) [white label]

15. Anthony Nardone - 'Looks Good' (Swartz & Schulner Remix) [Real Legacy Filth]

16. Art of Trance - 'Madagascar' (Richard Durand Remix) [white label]

17. Mike Walker - 'Big Cause' [white label]

18. Marc Marberg With Kyau & Albert - 'Orange Bill' (Stoneface & Terminal Mix) [euphonic]

19. Jaydee vs White Stripes - 'Plastic Nation Army' (Judge Jules Mashup) [white label]


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