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Remember 1998?!



Here are some of the tunes that Jules rocked us with in Clubland and on the BBC R1 fri -sat shows, and Emixes during 1998


That Slinky live Emix  … we were going to go but were seeing Jules @ Gallery Turnmills that same Friday, and he was premiering most of those tunes, and on the R1 shows. The weekend of the gatecrasher live Emix we caught JJ with John Kelly @ Frisky @ MOS. The Soundcity and Ibiza Emixes were pretty good, too …


1998 was Jules big R1 summer roadshow thing.


The one at Pierhead in Liverpool was funny, as it was my 21st Birthday, and we bounced to the live broadcast while getting ready then we (& Jules & Kelly) went from there to Ministry for my birthday bash haha! I remember being distinctly pissed off as Jon Pleased and Kelly were in the main room and they shoved Jules in the bar?! The bar @ MOS was were people mainly posed and pulled, the rig was FA compared to the set up in the Box. He ended that set with the actual original Jane Fonda workout LP that was sampled by Bob Sinclar, much to everyones mashed confusion … typical Jules … I did get to thank him for playing exclusively for my Birthday. He giggled, clearly having had too much bollinger and staggered out with his driver. I ended up getting arrested for rolling a doobie pretty much in the open in Buckingham square in Victoria at 10am while still very off my tree ... and they found my other goodies … so my first day of 21 was banged up in Victoria nick, off my face and listening to my mate in the next cell shouting “Do press ups!!!” Ah … 90s clubbing …


We bumped into Jules at Notting Hill Carnival that year, too … walking down to Good Times we saw this serious Jag pull up, and who jumped out? Jules and Amanda. While were dancing to Norman and Joey Jays eclectic sets I noticed Jules hanging around the Good Times bus and he was totally cool, talking about the old Family Function Daze, early Kiss as a pirate station, and how he got his name in the first place doing the illegal raves like. I did get photos of the day and one of us all with Jules but a load of my stuff got throw out the window of an ex girlfriends flat ( you know how it goes …) and all my photos from age 2 to 22 were lost …


98 was the last year saw Jules regularly, at least twice a month, alongside all the other DJ’s and styles that flooded London in those daze … London was a Clubbing Mecca, and we were lucky to have everything we wanted DJ – music style and Clubs right on our doorstep … very few of those places are still around … its all so socially cleansed these days. But you bet your arse we had it LARGE! 



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