96-2001 Trance & House IDs


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Posted this on discogs as well and 4 have been ID'd, trying here as some I've Been after these for years, Taken from local radio sets and live broadcasts here.


Links to Individual MP3s: (the ones I want aren't named) www.compulzion.co.uk/soundfactory/

Reason I am posting here and not on TuneIDs is I also have the sets I am willing to share as well as they are quite rare. 

00' - Played by John 00 Flemming and M-Zone in 1998. No idea but could be British or German by Production
06' - Phats N Small / Basoski style number from 1999 with the Donna Giles acapella thrown over top. Can't make out the filtered vocal to ID the tune.
10' - (same spoken vocals as Friends Of Matthew - Out There) from 1999
14' - 'This Is The Ultimate' from 2000/2001
19' - Tracklist was read out and all this was called is 'Piano Strings' - my friend layered the Olive Acapella over it himself
23' - 'Get Up Stand Up' 1996. Sounds UK
27' Elisir - The Top [Fuse]
31' - Really nice uplifting trancer, sounds German or UK
36' - Funky number, Mac Zimms / Joff Roach Style.
37' - Lots of elements of Magic Alec - Resonance but can't find this mix with the vocals
38' - Some 1996 Euro house tune, 'Can't you see my love is for real'. Not strike.
39' - Vocals from Michele - Do Me Baby
40' - Trix - Ripper [Storm]
42' - Piano Trancer
43' - Really want this, trance number with Pizzicatos that takes influence from Sabres of Paradise. Be surprised if it's not dutch.
45' Absurd - I'm Here To Chill (Eldon Tyrell Remix) [White]
47' - 'Clap Your Hands... Stomp Your Feet', sounds a bit like techno bohemian but isnt any mixes i've found.
48' - 'You make me feel so good', sounds great but could be anything
49' Fred & Ginger - The Jam Must Go On [Freebass]
51' JB Project - Start The Music [Ouch White]
53' Trix - Up Side Your Head [Ouch White]
54' - 'I need a rhythm' over Ce Ce Peniston - Finally.
56' EJ Doubell - Axiatonal (Fire Walk Mix) [Chug N Bump]
57' - Progressive breaks number
58' - Bladerunner style tune that's similar but not it, from 1999

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