Unknown Acetate Given to Jules at Creamfields 1999

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Anyone remember the Sky One Cream TV series? It follows a bunch of people on their clubbing journey. One of these is a promoter called Scott/Scot King from Liverpool promoting his night called Mish Mash trying to get his acetates played by the big names. Just curious to know what the acetate was that he was trying to get played as he give one to Jules at 22:14 whilst Jules is playing Fragma vs. Coco - Toca's Miracle (DJ Vimto's bootleg) at Creamfields 1999 (Also the tune played 22:04-22:13 doesn't appear to be in his Creamfields 1999 tracklist).

It's played at 4:14, 15:14, 20:05, 22:59 and 39:50

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hey Phil


Not sure about the others, but what i can tell you is the name of the track @ 15:14 just after the Beachball clip, it's a song by Exposure, I have it on vinyl, I think it's the track called Dreamscape from this vinyl:-


I need to dig the vinyl out to double check ,if it's not on that vinyl it's on the other one (Regenerate) - I have both releases


I've tried looking about that Scott King guy on Discogs but found nothing :S

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somebody knows tune at 41 MIn in great monster tune..




Scott King

dunno nothing about him but acetate looks like an 777 one not shure

because ive got one to,,from 777

ahm mistery is what a  tune he gived him ,,

same problem apears on an youtube clip from ibiza acetate was hand out to jules to ,,

ive seen some MIXMAGS from 1999 jules listed some tunes never was played before and are verry UNKNOWN ,..


UNKNOWN - Three Cs In A Mad One


KCB - THE SOUND (Acetate)

 ever heard about no

i hate jules enyway for posting rong track names takes ages to id the tunes,..





12 min in

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