An Oldskool Judge Jules Mix!!!!

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Listened to a bit of Jules from Naughty But Nice at the Crystal Rooms today and attempted to tracklist it for all you folks. Anybody have a date as to when Jules played at NBN? This set was either January 2001 or January 2002 (definitely not January 1999 as stated in the video). After browsing some old NBN flyers, I came across one night in 2002 which had Judge Jules, Dave Lea and Andy Passman dated 11 January 2002 and have attached the picture. I think I'm right. 


Here is what I have so far with the tracklisting, just a few IDs missing, enjoy! :):


Judge Jules Live @ NBN, Crystal Rooms, 11 January 2002


01. Goldtrix Presents Andrea Brown ‎– It's Love (Trippin')(Tillmann Uhrmacher Mix)
02. Future Breeze - Temple Of Dreams (Pedro Del Mar vs. DJ Shah's Mix)
03. Soho - Flyin' Madness (Flyin' Padmix)
04. Minimalistix - Close Cover (Boss@Nova Remix)
05. Weekend Players - Into The Sun (Riva Mix)
06. Matt Darey ft. Marcella Woods - Beautiful (Pulser Remix)
07. ID (from around 31 mins)
08. Mauro Picotto - Pulsar 2002 Rmx (Picotto Verdi Mix)
09. H - Landing
10. ID (from around 46 mins)
11. BK & Nick Sentience - E-Trigger
12. Tillman Uhrmacher - On The Run (Ocean To Shore Club Extended)
13. Visions of Yawa - Tibet (Jens O. Club Mix)
14. Symphony Of Strings - Don't Want Your Love (Connector Remix)
15. Members Of Mayday vs. Superchumbo ‎– 10 Revolutions In 01
16. Brainbug - Nightmare (Sinister Strings Mix)






Judge Jules NBN 2002.jpg

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Wow, Nice1! 


Jan. 2002 sounds about right. He did a set in Denmark in December 2001 with Don't Want Your Love (Connector Remix) and Close Cover i think. And I know he also played the org. bootleg of '10 revolutions in 1' from late 2001 to mid-2002 if I'm not mistaken.



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