Tom Bradshaw - Digital Overdrive 200 [December 2020]

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Saturday 5th December 2020
Tempo Radio

Here's my exclusive guest mix as part of @troy-cobley - Digital Overdrive Episode 200,Celebration Broadcast.




1.Rich Tanselli - Wake Up! [Outburst]

2.Smith & Brown - Mental Obsession [Blacknet]

3.Ashley Smith & Kriess Guyte - Confusion  [VII]

4.Indecent Noise - R.A.V.E [Black Hole]

5.Blue Serigala - Evils Mirage [Monster Neos]

6.D-Minus - Chronosphere [Nocturnal Knights]

7.David Forbes - Splice [WAO138?!]

8.Billy Gillies - Buenos (Paul Denton Remix) [Subculture]

9.Laura May & Mickey Marr - Kamikaze [Hard Trance Europe]

10.Ryan K - Gene Machine [Damaged]

11.Alex Di Stefano - Acidia [VII]

12.F Massif - Understatement (Arkham Knights Remix) [Cold Harbour]

13.Giuseppe Ottaviani - Morpheus [Dream State Recordings]

14.RAM - Clockwork Orange (Ahmed Romel Remix) [Nocturnal Knights]

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