THT World Podcast 271 by Tom Bradshaw [December 2020]


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Monday 14th December 2020

THT World Podcast episode 271 is here with your host Svit Tech!

On this week's episode, we have Tom Bradshaw as a guest mix DJ! Please make sure to check him out on his social media, like THT World Productions, and share the mix!! Enjoy!


1.Jericho Frequency & Kate Miles - Blink of an Eye (Dub Mix)[Abora]
2.Marcos vs Amos & Riot Night - A Long Time Coming [Nocturnal Knights]
3.Metta & Glyde - Supernova [MAG Full Focus]
4.Indecent Noise - Scarlet [Mental Asylum]
5.Smith & Brown - Mental Obsession [Blacknet]
6.Rated R - Gazump [Victims Helpline]
7.ID - ID
8.Will Atkinson - Beans [Victims Helpline]
9.R.E.M. vs Key 4050 - Losing Your Exposure (Graham Wootton Mashup) [White Label]
10.Floor Essence - Man With No Name (Nicholson Remix) [White Label]
11.Rob Mooney - Feelin Electro' (Tasso Remix) [WAO 138]
12.Key4050 - Faustino [Subculture]
13.Peetu S - Infected Sector [Outburst]
14.DJ Ton TB - Static Bullet (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)[Nocturnal Knights Reworked]

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