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01. Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - 'It's Like That' (unknown mix) [smile]

02. Rest Assured - 'Treat Infamy' (unknown mix) [FFRR]

03. Simone - 'My Family Depends On Me' (Original 97 Mix) [strictly Rhythm]

04. BBE - 'Desire' (unknown mix) [Positiva]

05. Camisra - 'Let Me Show You' [VC]

06. Brutal Bill Marquez - 'Sweat' [Deeper Rekords NYC]

07. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' [Manifesto]

08. Amadeus Mozart - 'You Can Last' (Untidy Dub's Volume One) [untidy Trax]

09. DJ Dero - 'El Corazón' [white label]

10. The Police - 'Walking On The Moon' (Roger Sanchez EVA Mix) [A&M]

11. Mathar - 'Indian Vibes' (unknown mix) [Outcaste]

12. DJ Q - 'Delirious' [Filter]

13. PF Project - 'Choose Life' [Positiva]

14. Robert Miles - 'Freedom' [deConstruction]

15. RIP Productions - 'unknown' [ice Cream/Satellite]

16. DJ Profile - 'Shake It' [Remote]

17. The Space Brothers - 'Forgiven' [Manifesto]

18. Soundscape - 'Dubplate Culture' [satellite]

19. Seba - 'Connected' [Looking Good]

20. Freestylers feat Tenor Fly - 'B-Boy Stance' [Freskanova]

21. Dusted - 'unknown' [Cheeky]

22. Todd Terry Presents Shannon - 'It's Over Love' (Loop Da Loop Mix) [Manifesto]

23. Castro - 'Hope' [Castro]

24. Overcharge - 'Minds Are Changin'' (Wave Captain Remix) [Time Unlimited]

25. Bamboo Lounge - 'G-Spring' [under Pressure]

26. Hazy Grooves - 'Maniak' [Pukka]

27. Johnny X - 'Call On Me' [Higher State]

28. Lucid - 'I Can't Help Myself' [Delirious]

29. Marmion - 'Schöneberg' (Moonman Over Marmion Mix) [FFRR]

30. unknown - 'unknown' [bonzai]

31. Afrowax - 'English 101' [Respect!]

audio starts at  05. cheers to LIZ
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