That heart wrenching feeling Music triggers


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When certain tunes get played out of the blue. And the euphoric recall kicks in. Butterflies in your stomach, hair standing on end. When that happens it’s not always an old favourite, sometimes it’s tunes I weren’t into at all. Do you all get that? I literally just played Toca Me (which I did like back) whilst watching The Chase and was transported in a second 30 years back! 
it is the full range of emotions, happiness and fondness tinged with sadness and longing. Weak knees
Like love and heartbreak silmultaneously. It’s great innit  :) (but torture) 

what tune does it to you?




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Interesting that it can often be a tune which you overlooked or weren't hugely into at the time.


Over the last few years I've really grown to appreciate Caned & Unable by Jules/Masterson which at the time I liked but wasn't a huge supporter of.


The most nostalgic recently has been DJ JamX - 'Keep It That Way!' (Pulsedriver Remix) which I latched onto from listening to some Jules recordings from '99 over the last few months.

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