Tom Bradshaw - Killswitch 122 [Decade Celebration Warm Up], Guest Mixes: Laura May & Wayne Bird [June 2021]

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1.Jordan Suckley - Droid (Original Mix) [Tom Bradshaw Live Hot Cue Edit]
Armin van Buuren - Rain (Cosmic Gate Remix) [Tom Bradshaw Live Hot Cue Edit]
2.Billy Gillies - Expand [Afterdark]
3.C.O.L.D. - Valhalla [Druck]
4.John Askew - Niceto [VII]
5.Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery - Home (Maarten de Jong Remix) [WAO138]
6.David Forbes - Quantum [Outburst]
7.Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Billy Gillies Rework) [Tom Bradshaw Live Hot Cue Edit]
8.Paul Denton - Eriu [FSOE]
9.Michael Kaelios - The Future [Surgikal]
10.Sean Tyas, Darren Porter - The Potion (Metta & Glyde Remix) [FSOE]
11.F.G Noise - Battleship [Phoenix Recordings]
12.Paipy - Gravity [TAR#138]
13.Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Boland & Inversed Remake) [White Label]


Teaser Guest Mixes


Laura May

1. Adip Kiyoi feat. Eky & Khairy Ahmed - Stay Around Me (Extended Mix) [Suanda Music]
2. Luciid Jason Cluff vs Age of Love vs Laura May- Blow the age of whaaa (Laura May Mashup)
3. Coast 2 Coast, Discovery - Home (Maarten de Jong Extended Remix) [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]
4. Vision X & Impulse Wave - Loud (Original Mix) [HQ Recordings]
5. Marc Jerome Feat. Liliana Iodice - Scars (Extended Mix) [Joyride Recordings]
6. May-i - Shaded Reality-[Rated Records]
7. Lee Haslam - The Power (Original Mix) [Tidy Two]


Wayne Bird

1. Liam Wilson - 20 Stories [FSOE]
2. Factor B - Anything (For You) [WAO138]
3. Factor B, Craig Connelly - Tranceatlantic [FSOE]
4. Traveller - Bright Sign(Talla 2XLC Extended Remix)[Techno Club]
5. Haikal Ahmad, Inoblivion - Fake Call [Afterdark]

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