id131 - last track played @ Lush, 30-06-2000

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On 1/2/2021 at 8:35 PM, FuzzY-LogiC said:

Not the real thing, but as close as it gets... the guy behind can reveal himself if and when he feels like it :)

Proper remake IMHO!


Happy New Year!



To follow up on my previous post, I've known about this for a while thanks to the producer of it.  So why would anyone else now need to attemtp to remake it when THIS remake is perfect.

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bet it's blatantly jules haaha

God Damn! I only came here to see what it was and it's still unknown - unknown... 

Jules or some local Irish guv who isn't the least aware that people are still, 17 years later, looking under every little stone to ID his track

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24 minutes ago, JasonB said:

To follow up on my previous post, I've known about this for a while thanks to the producer of it.  So why would anyone else now need to attemtp to remake it when THIS remake is perfect.

Agreed. This is as close to the original as it gets :)

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hi nice job why this bassline sounds the same ass the lush tune


jules playd in 1998


24. Milk Inc. - 'Inside Of Me' [Antler Subway]




hmmm spooky

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I managed to talk to the trance editor of dj magazine, and former boss of Atcr records regarding this tune.

He said.

"I wish you hadn't played me that, i don't know what it is, but i want it. Thats a great track whatever it is. I don't think its by Pulser, but he was famous for not finishing tracks. What a tune, that's going to be in my head all night.

Would seem odd for him to finish a set with a tune like that in 2000, and not know who was behind it. Which makes me think he does.
But that vibe of track, there are only 5-10 candidates. (I mentioned the producers who have been emailed).


He stuck alot to the Uk trance sound. So lots of respective artists, he didn't play, he is very money orientated, not straying from his buds tunes. ie Agnelli & Nelson, Matt Darey etc.

It could be something Jules had ready to go to Serious or Manifesto, but they flat out refused to clear the Ry Cooder sample. Cooder isnt niche in the mainstream, but in dance music, he is as niche as it gets. So if Jules was talking about him in a mag, then thats good detective work by somebody. Then he larger rather than smaller behind it. With Jules being a legal man, it could have been injuncted, and he didnt think it was worth the bother. He had just gone Top 10 with Pitchin' so had moved on from making trance by then, and Hi-Gate was his main focus. However, you Don't debut a track like that in a position like that, and not be looking to make a wave.

Its a top tune 5 out of 5. The sample, is genious. But the supporting production is really strong, i can hear some of 'Plastic Dreams' in the break, and the acid is really subtle. Which could be some important clues.

No way it's Pulser though 100%. Because Steve, Andy, Lange and i knew what was on eachothers hard drives, as we were on the phone everyday, playing and listening to demos. So no way he would have secretly pipelined a demo to jules. He only met Jules after 2003, after doing My Religion.

Nothing makes complete sense about it. But there could be some ego mixed in there to. Im sure sitting on top of a secret tune like that, can't be, lets say an uncomfortable feeling!

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@blakeface Nice1, always interesting to hear from someone who was in the game back then and knows stuff.


I am still waiting for someone to point to that specific Ry Cooder track on the Paris Texas soundtrack where they think this is from... :)

I am not saying it can't be a sample... actually I am not 100% convinced it isn't a real sample.

I know people have been shooting the idea down for a while because several individuals have listened and said it's a synthesized sound, but to be honest, no-one knows for sure.


@Burien that Milk Inc. track is indeed interesting IMO, though I do personally think it's a coincidence.


The plot thickens and the hunt continues... :)

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@FuzzY-LogiC Tim was reviewing trance in dj magazine at that time (still does) So i thought he may have heard it before. Or at least provide clues. This track fits perfectly in the style of his label, and he really liked it.


He knew what Andy Perring, Steve Helstrip & Lange were creating at that time. So i think we can safely discount those three artists.


Because the tune is quality, surely he would have played it again in a set further down the line. But this is the last we hear of it, and he is the only one known to have played it.


Rumours PvD played it. But it would have flagged up on one of his many tracklists/sets. He would have been top of every mailing list though.


Jules has got to be involved in it. Probably didn't play it again due to injunction.


(Bah, everytime i re-listen to it again - it gets stuck in my head for ages!)


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19 hours ago, Burien said:

wow what a great recreation how you working mate ableton  fl ..logic?

and what vsts you yoused for it

Thanks, Ableton. Sylenth, spire and various classic trance sample packs. 

not finished just yet though, still loads of changes to make. I want it as close to the original as possible 

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