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2024 will soon be here. Due to numerous life changes, all positive, I've had very little time to dedicate to clubbing, DJing or muisc in general over the last twelve months.  Hopefully this will change next year.


I did however make the long trip to Sheffiled to see Scott Bond at his Rebooted promotion two nights ago. Some great classisc from him and Craig Connelly; hearing GTR - Mistral was a particular highlight.


It's a little dissapointing to see the 2023 thread still so high up in Open Chat, but sadly understandable. Still, the board lives! I hope you are all keeping well and looking after yourselves and family. Thanks to all the regulars who keep this place ticking over.

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Good to hear from you, Spin Doctor.


Think a lot of us (oneself included) become victim of life changes, think there's still a handful of veterans that venture back here now & again, still true for the cause.


Great account of your recent ventures; I recall Craig Connelly joining up here to share his work way back back & Jules would spin that stuff on his show.


Speaking of Scott Bond; that legendary track, 3rd Earth, features on a mix I've just put together here - which I've recently recorded to see the year out with:


(have had to paste the URL as it appears few things are broke with the site at the mo, also haven't even been able to report it to Tim as that process isn't working)


Have found myself swaying back to my roots with Trance lately, the scene, especially on the production/releases front seems pretty good lately.


All the best for next year :)

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